Published 2018-07-18
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15 People with incredibly bad luck

It is clear that not everyone has a good luck. Well, people with incredibly bad luck also exists and sometimes really struggle to survive. You just have to support those people and help them as much as possible since life itself is not going to help them at all. Such people have misfortunes that can sometimes be extremely funny for those who see them. But of course, you wouldn't like to experience such things! It's safer to just look at the photos that we have prepared for you in this article.

1. Someone was flying a helicopter inside the house and it ended up in her hair

2. Happy face before eating the sandwich and sad face because the seagull stole it

3. He tried to open a can of his soda but it turned out to be more difficult than he thought...

4. He wanted to immortalize the moment, when he suddenly lost his balance and dropped everything on the floor

5. This man was getting ready to drive his car to go to work, when he saw that his wheels had been stolen...

6. It was only necessary to take the food out of the oven, when the door was taken from the same oven

7. Even eating ice cream may not be quite fortunate...

8. I was going up the stairs, when suddenly the pack of cat litter broke leaving the stairs like that

9. When you work so hard to make the cake and then it falls to the ground and all your work is useless

10. It's not advisable to leave anything in the sun as things like this can happen

11. What did they have to dig to expose the car?

12. She found out that her husband had cheated on her and she avenged "washing" his PS4

13. They really thought that the cake could be saved...

14. Next time, just take your time!

15. The whole world knows now where you were walking...

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