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What is each Zodiac sign guilty pleasure!

Guilty pleasure is defined that something you like to do or have but deep down you know that it is not held in a high regard. Despite that, you go for it. Something that you indulge in! Like listening to Taylor Swift while you are knowing to be a classical music lover so watching Korean dramas while people know you as someone who is not a fan of romance and love. Anything that you do it, you know it is wrong, you still keep doing it and trying to keep it away from people because you might be afraid of what they would say! Here are what each zodiac sign guilty pleasure!


The Aries stand out for their incredible eyebrows, a feature they should be proud of. Of course, everything else that this sign of the horoscope hoards is great in the same way, but the eyebrows are a step above. They help to present innocence or claw. Certainly, the Aries is the sign of the horoscope to which more fire is attributed to the zodiac, although in the same way it also manages to be the baby within each group. These people are the ones that always need to be in action.

Aries is less compatible with Cancer and Capricorn and is totally opposed to Libra. Aries is a fire-type sign. Those born under the solar sign of Aries tend to be extroverted people with lots of energy and, as their dominant element implies, they are often ardent. In general terms, Aries is not very compatible with more conservative and introverted signs, such as Cancer and Capricorn. Those combinations don’t do well, however, there might be some exceptions.
Guilty pleasure - You are constantly searching for validation even though you pretend like you do not care.


Their best beauty asset is their neck, could be thick or long and elegant one, which gives them a very strong upper body strength. They possess the characteristics of a bull and are often large bodied; not necessarily plump, but muscular and attractive because most are physically active. These sensual people are the great ones to spend time with. They love to be the center of attention.

Taurus is less compatible with Leo and Aquarius and is totally opposed to Scorpio. It’s not much of a surprise, however, Taurus might feel attracted by the magnetism of Scorpio, but unfortunately, this match is not always a good choice. Taurus may have some problems to adapt to the passionate and stubborn vision of Scorpio.
Guilty pleasure - Playing devil's advocate when it comes to controversial issues.


Born under the sign of twins, they are ruled by two personalities. They have an expressive face and an energy filled vibe surrounds. They usually have small features, almost doll-like. Most of them have big foreheads and features that are quite close together. They are light-footed and graceful in their movements, have a slim build; even if they are plump, their height makes up for it. They are in constant communication.

Gemini is less compatible with Virgo and Pisces and is totally opposed to Sagittarius. It may feel attracted to Virgo’s quick thinking and dreaminess of Pisces, but those signals are not favorable. Virgo might give Gemini a bit of security, but in the end, they would feel tired with their careless attitude. Sagittarius plus Gemini sounds interesting, but unfortunately, it will not work. Both signs love to travel and have an innate intelligence, however they might have some difficulties to sit down and take decisions together.
Guilty pleasure - Sometimes stop being connected.


Cancer’s best feature is their round face, their facial features are small and attractive. But they also rule the stomach, which can be flat or rounded, and bust. Their jawline, eyes, and brows are quite prominent with high cheekbones. Their legs and arms are quite lanky or thin. However, they are said to have powerful hands. Their features are quite expressive even if they are soft. They are home-bound.

Cancer is less compatible with Aries and Libra and is totally opposed to Capricorn. Aries is arduous and energetic and Libra often looks for variety. In both cases, it would be a very difficult love for Cancer. There are no doubts that Cancer and Capricorn mean hard relationship. Cancer is fast and opened to express emotions, whereas Capricorn is a stoic person that has problems with expressing itself.
Guilty pleasure - Your stash of chocolate.


They have catlike features and mane-like hair that resembles a lion. They have an upright posture and their movements are slow and graceful. Their feline characteristics are quite visible in their physical features. Their shoulders are strong and broad, however, they are prone to pain in the back or neck area. Usually tall in height but if they are short they have the ability to hold themselves majestically. Charisma is the best personality trait of people born under this month. These people are very regal.

Leo is less compatible with Taurus and Scorpio and is totally opposed to Aquarius. A relationship with Taurus means a battle of wills as both are stubborn and want to achieve what they desire. Scorpio’s will might be too strong for Leo. Aquarius will not be a good bet for Leo since Leo may see Aquarius as too independent and aired.
Guilty pleasure - Sing in the shower.


Most people born under Virgo are health freaks. They have a gentle and pleasant face which gives them a youthful appearance. They often look much younger than their years. Most of them are shy and insecure about themselves. They spent a long time in front of the mirror analyzing their good points and flaws. Bright eyes, delicate noses, and curvy lips are some of their noticeable traits. Virgos are the brainy ones that success in whatever they are a part of. These people are the most hardworking of them all

Virgo is less compatible with Gemini and Sagittarius and is totally opposed to Pisces. Virgo might feel frustrated with Gemini as they always think big and focus on specific details. The same happens with Sagittarius. Pisces also means challenges because Virgo is a doer and Pisces are dreamers. However, they might complement each other and things may go wonderfully. But this does not happen often.
Guilty pleasure - Dancing alone to your song.


A Libra’s best feature is their lips, it’s either a cupid’s bow or heart-shaped lips. Their faces are oval or heart-shaped and their facial features are more rounded than sharp. They are naturally attractive without putting in any effort, they have charm, infectious laugh, and beautiful smiles. Most of them have dimpled cheeks, cleft chins or well-proportioned features. They are always so pleasant! They also have a great physique and are taller than average. They are constantly making sure everything is balanced.

Libra is less compatible with Cancer and Capricorn and is completely opposed to Aries. Cancer might seem too bounded to its routines for a super social Libra. On the other hand, Capricorns might be too aggressive for harmonious Libra. Aries is too brave and decisive in order to satisfy all its preferences.
Guilty pleasure - Shopping.


Their gaze is piercing and direct. The Scorpions are all about their eyes. Their features are angular and prominent, especially their nose. And they are also blessed with nicely arched eyebrows. Their physique matches their features, tall and lean. They emit a mysterious and magnetic vibe since most of them do not reveal their emotions on their face. Scorpio is one of the passionate ones on the list. These people are all about depth.

Scorpio is less compatible with Leo and Aquarius and is totally opposed to Taurus. Scorpio and Leo might feel like twin souls, at least superficially. They are both powerful and that may tear them apart. Scorpio may also have problems with Aquarius, as they are both very stubborn. Taurus is the opposite of Scorpio so it’s probably not the best choice. Taurus makes Scorpio feel passionate at first, but afterward, they will dispute a lot.
Guilty pleasure - Watching trashy TV shows.


Sagittarius. A warrior! Their features and physique reciprocate the same too. They have beautiful, clear and sparkling eyes. Very expressive, in fact. Their physique is taller than average, graceful. They naturally have an athletic build, but not necessarily strong. They have a nose that is not too sharp nor too round and their foreheads are quite broad. They are the jetsetters.

Sagittarius is less compatible with Virgo and Pisces and is totally opposed to Gemini. The problem lies in the fact that Pisces might seem too indecisive, whereas Sagittarius usually makes things happen with an enthusiast approach. It will always be interesting and never boring with Gemini as they are very similar and they love to share ideas. However, it will be very difficult to make serious and solid decisions about their future.
Guilty pleasure - Reading graphic and romantic novels.


Capricorns have beautiful almost flawless skin. Most of them tan really well or are naturally olive-toned. Strong features like sharp jawline or high cheekbones. They also have a great physique and for women, it’s particularly curvy. In the majority, they also have straight hair. Their movements are slow, deliberate and graceful. They are a Goat after all! They don’t like to take time off when they don’t need it!

Capricorn is less compatible with Aries and Libra and is totally opposed to Cancer. Capricorn is slow and constant in his efforts to win the race. With Aries, everything is based on fast impulses and decisions to obtain only hasty results. Capricorn experiences difficulties in controlling Libra. Those two signs are very different. Capricorn is reserved and doesn’t express feelings easily. While Cancer is very emotional and expressive. Bad combination for both in the majority of cases.
Guilty pleasure - Fast food.


Aquarians usually have broad foreheads and a slender body. Small but also sharp and prominent features like the ears and lips. They often have broad hips and shoulders, dreamy eyes and straight hair. A very noble profile. However, they can sometimes become eccentric. They are great listeners and they can spin a tale quite well. They are all about communal interest.

Aquarius is less compatible with Taurus and Scorpio and is totally opposed to Leo. Aquarius might feel frustrated with rigid thinking of Taurus. Scorpio is a serious challenge because both Scorpio and Aquarius are really obstinate and they want to be right at the same time. A relationship with Leo is led by the necessity of being in the center of attention and getting everything they want. This may finish with quarrels or huge attraction.
Guilty pleasure - Sleeping in.


They have a charming personality and a beautiful dimpled smile. Their hair is soft and fine, often wavy. Their noticeable eyes are expressive on how they feel. They have a quick but short pace of movement. It might be because they’re fish and walk on their fins. They put others’ needs before themselves. Pisces are less compatible with Gemini and Sagittarius and are totally opposed to Virgo.

Gemini and Pisces will face some problems to understand each other thinking process. Pisces often depends on non-verbal signs. However, Gemini can’t stop talking. Sagittarius has an enthusiastic approach towards everything in life and this might scare Pisces. Virgo is particularly inharmonic. Why? Pisces are dreamers and rely on instinct. Virgo is one of the most practical sings in the zodiac. They are analysts that need hard facts to keep going.
Guilty pleasure - Spa.

Remember that it is ok to have a guilty pleasure. No one is going to judge us for that! After all, it is supposed to be a secret between you and... You, right?! However, if one day you decided to share it with someone else, make sure that one is worth it. Because all of these tiny secrets you have with yourself makes you who you are and it is more exciting for other people to discover you!

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