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Horoscope for the week: July 23, 2018 - July 29, 2018


There is a good week ahead of you. Things will be in a fast rhythm and you will feel important and needed. You will not run out of energy, but you have to reckon with hardships. Some people will forget something, and others will not want to try and you will be the person who will save the situation. You will decide, order and plan. If you're right, someone important is willing to support you. Do not just go ahead and do not lecture the boss, unless you secretly plan to take his place.

In love, there will be a little confusion. Invitations from friends or a quick trip plan will turn out to be more interesting than other commitments. The rams will be joyful and optimistic towards life. The day favors dating, visits and making new friends. A lot can be arranged thanks to the help of important and influential people. Believe in your strength, you can easily convince someone to a difficult and risky thing.


You will spend the business mornings discussing with colleagues and in the afternoons you will find yourself staring at the monitor. You will be consumed by this week's career, but also the stresses associated with it. You will not give up your ideas and views, and persistence and perseverance will lead you to the goal. The influence of Jupiter will make you strong and will promote financial successes. Provide the support of someone who knows the negotiation and secret arrangements, good advice will be very useful to you.

Also be careful in love, because feelings do not obey orders! The weekend will bring you the opportunity to make a good purchase. Also, a successful date will put you in a bubbly mood. The Taurus will be busy, but they will discover that they can give a lot of satisfaction. You can count on good ideas and suggestions. A set schedule will prove to be extremely effective. The day favors important meetings and conversations with superiors.


You will be full of new challenges and ambitions. The boss and other associates plunged into a holiday stagnation, will notice it very soon. They promise you golden mountains, and you will have to deal with everything yourself. Therefore, be careful and take care of details so that it does not turn out that great offers are so tiring that it won't be worth it. Remember that man does not live by work alone.

Venus will give you success in love. Your charm and sense of humor will make you new devotees. Over the weekend you will feel the irresistible temptation of flirting and even romance. Twins are waiting for a day full of nice messages and successful social events. It is better not to throw in the boss's eyes without the need. You may not have enough enthusiasm for your work or boring duties. Friendship will prove to be very inspiring, before lonely chance of flirting.


A week will pass you in a dreamy and calm atmosphere. You will be forgiving of others' mistakes. Deal with arrears, explain misunderstandings and take care of your comfort. Unused proposals, old ideas will become valid in the second half of the week. Expect important meetings that inspire discussion. Do not work only for the idea and demand a good prize for your hardships.

The boss will give up, because without your help some important undertaking will suddenly hang on a thread. The weekend will be very happy for family and love. You give misunderstandings, you will convince your partner that it is worth starting everything from scratch. Cancers will be very calm today. The day is conducive to serious thoughts and discussions, under the influence of which you decide to change your lifestyle.


Several nice event promises. Children will not complain, and relatives ask for immediate help in minor troubles, which will convince you that family life has its advantages. Mercury will tempt you to visit stores more often. Find rational reasons for the necessary expenses, because otherwise, someone at home will quickly accuse you of thinking only about yourself. In the work of events, they will be a calm rhythm. In love, you do not have to worry about anything but avoid any arguments about money and politics.

Mars will make you want to bet on your own at all costs. Lonely Lions will look for opportunities to renew a certain relationship. Lions will enjoy the charms of life. You will delight everyone with your charm, forget about shyness and gain new friends. Do not let others interfere in your private affairs. A discussion with friends will make you change your mind about an important professional that matters.


The week is conducive to ambitious ideas. You will have a good hand for money, but keep your plans secret. A certain person will stop being nice to you. Stand to fight, because Venus will help you find the right arguments. You are also favored by success in love. Virgo will start looking for an opportunity for a new flirt. Your intuition will not let you down! Someone will be happy to spend some long evenings at your company.

Just remember to deal with your home duties first. Someone older will suddenly remember the promises you made to him, and it will be a shame for you to go shopping in the supermarket or clean up the garage. Virgo will fall into dreams and wonderful memories. Perhaps you will discover an extraordinary artistic talent! It's better to be cautious about financial matters. Do not trust wonderful suggestions, because someone can try to use your good will and trust.


You will be absorbed in other matters. Your phone will be ringing continuously, the mailbox will be filled with emails from friends and colleagues. You will settle disputed arguments and glue broken hearts. You will meet amazing rumors, but also important information about the future. You can use it anywhere where politeness and diplomacy are needed. Do not count on gratitude!

Some will be dissatisfied anyway, and others will start to inquire about your true intentions. Slow down the pace and think about what you have. At the weekend you have success in love. A romantic trip for two will be a great idea. The scales will have no reason to worry, though the friends will bring a lot of confusion to their lives. The day favors unexpected events and meetings. You will succeed thanks to reflexes and the ability to find a new situation. You are also favored by success in love.


It will be difficult to deal with your professional duties with dedication. You will start wondering what you have and if your affairs are running in the right direction. Suddenly, someone from the family will remind you of the necessary purchases and important anniversaries. You will approach it without emotions. Do not get tired of doubts, relax and happiness will start smiling at you. To succeed at work, do not be afraid to change tactics or withdraw from some previous arrangements.

In love, a revival, but also only in the second half of the week. Jupiter will help the lonely Scorpions in entering into an interesting acquaintance, the beginning of which may be a small dispute. Therefore, smile and do not be so stubborn. Scorpions will care about the worries of the weaker and the wronged. It is worth to act just in cause and help someone. In the evening, however, some home affairs can keep you at home. The day is not conducive to starting risky ventures.


A journey or discovery of a new hobby awaits you. Do not be ashamed to ask everything that interests you first. Newly-known people can bring a bit of confusion to your life, and their views will inspire you to change your own life. At work, it is possible to have some anxiety, which will be associated with the reorganization or change of work mode. Dare to do something different than usual! Someone who is important will appreciate what you know and will be interested in what you tell.

In your free time, you will be willing to visit relatives, help in something older than you. Plan your time so that you do not have to give up on a date. Mercury fosters intellectual discussion, and Venus will awaken hidden passions. The information obtained will turn out to be very valuable and will help you in completing your important professional case. It's a good day to plan a trip or visit friends. The evening is conducive to carefree play, preferably in the company of an optimistic Cancer.


You pay more attention to home and family affairs. It turns out that you need to renovate or repair something quickly. Personally, look after all professionals if you do not want to spend the weekend in a mess. Professional challenges will be a little less, so you'll be in good shape. You hide from malicious associates, ambitious superiors and asking for a friend loan. Over the weekend you will feel a good sense of humor and optimism, and loneliness will be promoted by success in love.

Do not regret what you like best, for pleasures will transform your life into a real paradise on earth. Capricorns will have a unique intuition and the gift of guessing the intentions of others. They will deal with insights into how money affects the state of human feelings. Be careful, because somebody may be offended by your inquiries. In the afternoon, try to relax a little, preferably in the open air.


There is an opportunity for you to get new messages and skills. Do not protest if you see an invitation to a course or conference on your desk. You will start to study serious articles and books. It will turn out to be more interesting than you think! Think about how to apply the acquired knowledge in practice, because thanks to this you will gain additional orders and money. In love, you will succeed, but it will be difficult to keep your attention for long.

If you do not have a partner to talk about and you've been bored in a relationship for a long time, you'll be discreet looking for someone smarter. Do everything to make the date really hot. Aquarius will end the old conflict and get friends today. Your intuition will not disappoint you. You will be energetic and courageous, which favors starting new ventures. Your ideas will turn out to be accurate and profitable. In the evening, it's worth taking a look at art or going on a date.


You can afford more freedom. Take a break from stress, because thanks to this you will gain strength for ambitious challenges. There will be fewer professional problems, and the households will manage their own business. It is worth to take care of health and beauty. Hot dates and great surprises await you in love. Familiarities in the recent past will develop without any obstacles! At the end of the week, be careful, because friends will not be able to do without you.

Someone will ask you for support. Find out what exactly is going on, because confusion in someone else's problems may not work for you. The Pisces takes care of health. They will energetically take on herbal treatments or buy a few books about diet and exercise. If you find reasons to be worried, do not experiment, just contact your doctor. The day also favors cosmetic procedures and cleaning in the wardrobe.

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