Published 2018-07-24
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Things that make a man look hot other than his look

Every woman is looking for her perfect man. The one who will take care of her and love her, and will give her the sense of security. For some ladies, the important thing is also a sense of humor and appearance of a man. Probably every woman is delighted with something else and that's why she sees her beloved as one of a kind. However, it does not always have to be the way the look that makes these men look their best and be considered attractive. Here is a list of things that make a man look hot other than his look!

He is smart

His apartment is clean

He makes his bed

He helps women when he see them struggling

He is a planner

He is reliable

The accent

He can pick you up

He cares about his family

He makes you feel confident and forget all about your insecurities

He knows how to cook

He gives wise advice

He is great with kids

He knows how to fix things

He has no problem buying you tampons and pads

When your feet hurt, he carries you

His cologne

When cold, he warms you up

He is always fun

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