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Our love language based on our zodiac sign!


Aries are the type of people who express their love through affirmation and quality time. "Words of Affirmation" is their love language. And this is actually what defines their relationships. They love talking about themselves but they are also good listeners. Sometimes they are like a nut - hard to crack but generally, there are some ways to win their hearts.

These people love to have these people whisper sweet things in their ears. Aries loves it when their partner flatters them with love. Any compliments, recognition, attention, appreciation are welcome and this really works on their self-esteem! So now you know what is the easiest way to impress Aries and how you can go straight to their heart! Definitely worth trying!


These people are more of a physical toucher and gift giving ones. They are dependable and strong-willed. They always want to feel secure and comfortable in relationships. "Receiving Gifts" is their love language. Mostly, they like fine, exclusive and material things. But whether they are luxurious gifts or physical pleasure, they always appreciate when people remember about them.


People who were born under Taurus are the ones that love receiving gifts - now you know this fact. And what can you do about it if you want to impress Taurus but your budget doesn't allow you to afford luxurious gifts? Don't worry! You can always prepare something for yourself! For example, instead of a candlelit dinner in a posh restaurant, you can prepare the same thing in your house!


Why do people like being around Geminis? Well, they are very charming and chatty - you can always count on a nice conversation, their attention and useful advice. "Physical touch" is the love language of this sign. A perfect way of showing your affection is by expressing it in this way. In the beginning, let it be just a friendly cuddle and then move on if this person allows you for more.

To be with people born under Gemini, you need to have intellectual conversations with them. If your knowledge about the world is very limited and you have nothing interesting to talk about then Gemini may quickly find you boring. So make sure, you've read about some fascinating things before a date as this seems to be the easiest way to win Gemini's heart.


"Spend some quality time and words of affirmation" - this is what defines the love language of this sign. The truth is that you love being with those who you appreciate the most. Nothing compares to such quality time. No material things, pleasures, adventures can replace such moments unless you share them with your beloved ones. This is what you can expect when you meet Cancer.

What works the best for Cancer is to stay at home with their partner and enjoy that quality time they have with them. This is definitely the best gift that they always enjoy. And it doesn't need to become routine or a boring habit that will make their lives lame. Cancers are witty, talkative, nurturing and very clever so you will never be bored spending time with them.


The love language of these people is the combination of the gift-giving and act of service. Mostly, all they want is to be loved, needed, and appreciated. If you always find some reason to admire them and tell them how great you feel spending time together, Leos will definitely remember this fact. Flattering compliments are always welcome but they are not easily fooled if the words are not true.

These people are the ones that spoil their partners but they are looking for something in return from the one they are expressing their love to. Also, their egos are pampered when they can help those in need so no wonder that you often offer their help and some services they are good at. You can just make them happier if you accept their help and then show your gratitude.


The love language of these people is the combination of quality time and an act of service. Virgo is one of the most helpful signs in the zodiacs. They are always organized and responsible. As they are excellent observers, it makes them great partners in a relationship as if anything happens and changes for the worse, they are able to solve the problem before the love is destroyed.

When in a relationship with the people born under Virgo, you need to know that they have to trust you completely to put that guard down and open up completely. You may like it or not but Virgos can be very mysterious, quiet and difficult to understand and it may not be easy to read their minds. If you don't want to scare them off, you'd better approach them carefully.


"Receiving Gifts" is what can define this zodiac sign. Libras are naturally charming and graceful. They are also talkative and sociable so people are keen on spending time with them. Also, the fact is that they are at their highest potential when they have a chance to work in a team and they are in a relationship! And as their partner, you won't regret the decision as Libras are truly romantic and kind-hearted.

Libras will do anything to make the person they are in a relationship with happy. Well, they are indeed prone to do anything to please their partner. Even if it's something that they don't really like, for example, watching a match, they won't hesitate to devote their time to such a thing as beloved ones are always of the highest priority for them. But be careful, Libras can be also quite temperamental...


The love language of these people is the combination of physical touch and act of service. What are Scorpios like in relationships? They are definitely passionate but also extremely emotional and sensitive. They are prone to intense emotions but tend to hide them. That's why it's sometimes so difficult to interpret their behavior and gestures. Sometimes you need to wait for them to open up.

These people are not easily impressed with many fancy gifts, what they are looking for is to be intimate and to be shown physical affection toward. They simply seem to follow the rule "Quality is better than quantity" so even if you shower them with luxurious gifts that ruin your budget, you won't impress them. It's more about intimacy and affection - they expect it from you.


The love language of these people is the combination of physical touch and gift giving. They are optimistic, ambitious and free-spirited. That's why the may feel reluctant to tie the knot... But if you accept Saggitarius the way they are, you won't regret! It is impossible to be bored with them and you'll see that after some time they will get ready to commit and plan the future together.

The thing you need to keep in mind when it comes to these people is that they are not really that comfortable talking about their own feelings. So don't push them to open up as this way you can only discourage them. They need to express their feelings at their own pace when they feel comfortable enough. And when they finally do it, it will just mean that you've finally won their heart.


The love language of these people is the combination of quality time and an act of service. Capricorns are goal oriented zodiac signs. They work very hard and with complete determination to fulfill their dreams. Unfortunately, pursuing romantic relationships is never a number one priority for Capricorns. They tend to be quiet and reserved. They need someone who is patient enough to understand them.

They need someone to be the encouragement they need in their life and also someone who is as loyal to them as they are to their partner. If they sense attention and encouragement then they no longer keep their feelings to themselves. Capricorns can be good listeners and truthful friends and when they feel secure enough, they can be also amazing partners and lovers.


The love language of these people is the combination of words of affirmation and act of service. Comparing all zodiac signs, Aquarius is the most unique one. If you want to have a chance to get to know them better then just talk to them! This zodiac sign is really concerned with language and no gifts, gestures or pleasures can replace it. Talking a lot is a quality time for them, that's for sure.

To get a person who was born under Aquarius, you need to give them the freedom and their space and let them slowly decide to come toward you. You can't make the things develop faster in your relationship as Aquarius may feel like being handcuffed and deprived of any independence they previously had. Approach with caution and make them aware that they don't need to give up their goals and dreams in order to pursue a relationship.


The love language of these people is the combination of quality time and an act of service. You can win their hearts if you show your devotion, trust, and attention. If you are willing to give your heart and plan your future together than it's that proof they need to get ready for a serious relationship. This zodiac sign sometimes requires sacrifices but if you are prepared for this then you will never regret - this may be true love!

The way to this person’s heart is by being around them all the time because they do not like to be alone. So if you are a type of an introvert who enjoys spending time with their partner but rather from time to time than on a regular basis, you may not be that right person for Pisces. They need your time, affection and attention to make sure that you are ready for such a commitment.

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