Published 2018-08-24
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A man got divorced and gave his ex-wife literally half of all his properties

A German citizen got popularity online a while ago due to the way he took revenge on his former lover. The man decided to give his ex-wife exactly half of their property. After a trial made them agree on such a deal, this man didn't have the slightest qualms about cutting all the couple's personal belongings in two equal parts. Here we show you all the details of this news...

Using a power saw and impeccable precision, this man split all the objects in half

He later left all the halves of the possessions he once shared with his love for sale on Ebay

The story attracted great attention for the first time on the Reddit forum

There, a user posted a link to the auction page in which the halves of the objects were sold

What could be observed on that page was a selection of improbable snapshots ...

Half of a television screen, a car, a bicycle, and even a teddy bear.

Many online users began to be skeptical about such news ...

And it is not clear if it is a montage or commercial strategy

Others had no doubt that it could be the result of hatred after a toxic relationship

Several comments from the forum tried to argue against this supposed fact

Someone says that they don't know how the law works in Germany, but in the USA someone would get into serious trouble if they would destroy a common property in revenge

And if they do, the most likely thing is that they end up paying for everything

According to the user, that would take away a lot of humor from the story in general

Another user of Reddit says they are grateful that neither they nor their family were that cruel to the partner during their divorce

The process of division of all the properties by the man was uploaded to a video on YouTube

The recording, titled "Dear Laura", is close to reaching 8 million views

At the beginning of the video you can read a message for your "dear" ex-wife: "Thanks for 12 wonderful years, Laura! You've won all the halves!"

The only positive side that we see is that they had no children…

Do you think it's fake or there are people with so much hatred and resentment?

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