Published 2018-09-04
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Secrets that fast food companies don’t want us to know

"Convenient" might be the second name of a fast food, but this is quite misleading when you take a closer look at all this useless and toxic industry, which is also very problematic. From fake marketing, garbage, unfair wages, and hidden ingredients, there is more shocking news about this kind of food. That is why throughout this article, we want to show you some secrets to know about what food companies don’t want you to know.

French fries

According to specialists, olive oil or sunflower should only be reused once after frying some food, because when recycled over and over again, it loses its properties and becomes only saturated fats. Well, how many times do you think fast food companies reuse the oil to fry their potatoes? Think carefully.

In 2012, some former employees of Burger King, McDonald's and KFC, revealed that the oil to fry the food is being changed every two weeks. Consuming all these fats is a very serious problem since they go directly to the arteries causing heart problems and others related to obesity.


It is quite normal for companies to use advertising tricks to fool us, and fast food companies are very good at this game. For example, hot cakes are bathed in motor oil instead of corn syrup to make them look even more appetizing; God to know that hamburgers’ meat is raw and is painted with shoe cream to make it look bigger.

Also, acids are added to soft drinks to secrete more foam... And this list could continue indefinitely…

Grill lines

Returning to the deceptions, another very common situation that occurs when serving the product are the alleged striking lines in the meat made by the rotisserie. This pattern tries to make us believe that our meat is well made and that it has been prepared on a grill.

But the truth is that this is false. These lines can be easily made with the shovel or, occasionally, with hot metal skewers. There are even those who say that in order not to waste time, there are companies that add them during the production process, in the factory.

The bread

According to studies, the buns and bread used in the preparation of fast food contain azodicarbonamide, a chemical foaming agent that facilitates the handling of the dough and increases its volume to withstand transport and storage.

Moreover, this substance is also present in the manufacture of plastic rugs and soles of some types of footwear. The worst of all is that in many countries, such as the US and Latin America, it is approved for use in food, so you can consume it at your whim.

Chicken Nuggets

If you're one of those people who love eating nuggets with all kinds of sauces, it would be good to know this. The decent popularity of this product is due to its taste, which is obtained in the most bizarre way since more than half of the nuggets are made with chicken fat, traces of feathers, skin, oil and hydrogenated fats.

Did you think they would be made of pure flesh? Well, no, the truth is that by ingesting a nugget, you are also introducing all kinds of chemical and cancerous substances in your body.

Beverage dispensers

Here we present a pretty unpleasant fact: A study conducted by the BBC in the United Kingdom, showed that more than 50% of beverages that are deposited in the dispensers for later use, contain fecal matter, for example, a large amount of excrement.

Mostly, it is because they are not cleaned properly, and all these bacteria come through rodents and other animals. Next time, better bring your own bottle of water, or just do not go.


When buying a hamburger, the last thing you think about is how many cows you are eating.

It may seem exaggerated especially if you just order one portion of meat, but the truth is that the production of meat is so great, that every day thousands of cows are slaughtered.

A single hamburger can contain the meat of up to 100 different cows. Do you feel like eating meat now?

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