Published 2018-09-04
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Let's find out which side of the brain we use the most and how that influences our personality

The function of the human’s brain is one of the greatest enigmas facing medical science. But although we do not understand it completely, we do have evidence of the existence of two hemispheres in charge of promoting different types of behaviors and completely different intelligence. As a consequence, each person usually has one of the parts most developed and his brain acts accordingly. Do you know what kind of intelligence you have most developed?

1. Visual test

To start we propose a small challenge based on an image of the illustrator Shigeo Fukuda, who was specialized in optical illusions.

You only have to remember which part of the drawing has first attracted your attention: women, legs or both at the same time.

You have to bear in mind that these are two images that have no relationship with one another since the bodies are cut and incomplete. We warn you that 72% of the population chooses the same option. Are you an exception?

2. Favorite song

To perform the second test, we have to make use of our memory capacity mixed with our musical perception. We're going to ask you to remember your favorite song for a moment and try to repeat it in your head.

The key that will make you know with what part of the brain you work is to know if you have noticed the lyrics of the song more or the melody itself. If you had done it in one particular way, one of the two caught your attention more.

3. Which way does it go?

Another interesting challenge on the side of the brain that we usually use is a black and white image that turns without knowing exactly which side does it. We challenge you with an even more difficult one since the classical dancer is well known.

On this occasion we have three options to choose from, going to the left, to the right or front? Remember it well or write it down because we will reveal the solution and the reason why.

4. Visual test (Solution)

The predominance in society shows that most use the left side of the brain, which is far less creative. In the case you were fixed directly on the shape of women, you undoubtedly belong to 72% of the population.

But in the case that you have focused on the legs in the first place, you are in luck if you like to dedicate yourself to activities that require visual enhancement. Of course, both options have hidden good news for you.

5. Favorite song (Solution)

When remembering a song with lyrics, the most creative people start remembering the melody of it, a symbol that they are more sensitive to artistic activities. If you opted only for the lyrics of the music, you opt for a much more pragmatic mind, more dedicated to reasoning and numbers, the left area in particular.

You are prepared to succeed in a scientific career or related to a more mechanical aspect but that requires a much sharper and incisive mind, not so diffuse and creative. Although you do not believe it, there are also balances.

6. Which way does it go? (Solution)

This type of images hide a truth and that is that it really does not go anywhere. But our brain completes information and sends it to a place depending on the hemisphere that we use the most. If you observe that the doll turned to the right, you know that you will use the creative side more.

If, on the other hand, you see it turning to the left, you are someone more fond of reasoning. If you have opted for the snake motion, it means that you use both parts of your brain in a balanced way.

7. Meaning of the left side

The left side, paradoxically, is in charge of controlling the right side of the body, as well as being the one that harbors the parts most associated with the scientific, orderly and logical part. For everything to work according to your ideas, it is necessary that your universe is governed by unalterable and inalterable norms.

You are someone who looks at the small details but without neglecting the whole. Your mind works very well in deductive aspects, in which you usually stand out. You using one side does not necessarily mean that you do not use the other.

8. Meaning of the right part

The right part of your brain is responsible for managing creativity and fantasy. A person dedicated to more artistic and less scientific aspects would be completely in luck since it would undoubtedly be his greatest blessing.

Although intuition is one of your strengths, your biggest flaw is the chaos inherent in your way of thinking and organizing. Although following the laws of order is not your virtue, you always manage to carry out your projects guiding you through the rest of the positive things that usually surround you.

9. Both sides are used

Of course, a person always uses both sides depending on the moment in which we find ourselves, in order to solve a problem from two completely different points of view.

It is even possible that a person could live in a normal way using only one of the two halves of their own brain, as demonstrated by many patients who had to lose the other part after a medical operation.

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