Published 2018-09-04
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The incredible story of a Ugandan woman who has more children than her age!

Motherhood, for many women, is considered to be the greatest blessing. A baby is a new life that comes to illuminate our days with his/her smile. While some couples have to struggle enough to at least procreate a child, others have no problem with it and without much effort, they form a large family; even one that has more than five members. However, in some countries that number has to be much higher to be able to say that we have a large family. Such families usually have more benefits from governments, but at the same time, some issues make their lives complicated.

However, since ancient times a couple who had many children was considered to be the one blessed or chosen by God.

In many countries, it is still believed that having many offspring is a special privilege that not everyone can have.

In our article today, we want to present the incredible story of a woman from Uganda who at 38 is the mother of 38 children.

1. Mariam Nabatanzi is a 38-year-old woman and lives with her family in Uganda.

2. The world knew her incredible story because Mariam is the mother of 38 children.

3. Most of them are the result of multiple births.

4. Mariam had six pairs of twins, four triplets, three deliveries of quadruples and only two simple births.

5. Twenty-eight of her children are boys, while ten are girls.

6. Mariam was warned by a gynecologist that if she stopped procreating it could even be dangerous for her life.

7. That's because the unused ovules accumulate and may even cause cancer.

8. Her eldest son is 23 years old, while the youngest is only four months old.

9. In Uganda, it is normal to have a large family, but the case of the Nabatanzi family is exceptional.

10. All of Mariam's children were born without complications.

11. The first twins were born in the year of 1994, right after Mariam was married.

12. Mariam wants the best for her children; She worries about her future and would love to help each one to have a decent life.

She said: "I take care of my children by myself. Others have asked me to give birth for them but I cannot do that."

"I even visited several doctors to ask them to help me because I felt my fertility would kill me but they were unable to intervene."

She also talked about how her husband was abusive! She said: "…he beats to the pulp when I try to reason with him over any issue..."

"...especially when he gets home drunk….the children hardly know who he is since he is an absent father who gives his children names over the phone and not physically," she said.

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