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Kim Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen are crazy about implant necklace

Simon Huck (34), a friend of the Kardashian-Jenners family and owner of Command PR, created a new innovative concept of "body modifications" from the new futuristic fashion brand, A. Human. Kim Kardashian, Chrissy Teigen and "Queer Eye" star Tan France helped him celebrate the line’s New York Fashion Week debut and posted photos that show pieces from his futuristic collection.

Visitors to the exhibition at 48 Mercer St. in New York will have the chance to interact with some of these body modifications such as nautilus shell-inspired high heel and a chain-link necklace with LED lights which flashes to the beat of your heart. All those things definitely seem like gadgets from science fiction films! The creator must have a vivid imagination!

"It was important to root this experience in optimism while provoking our guests to think about a potential future of fashion, and by doing so, inviting them to question their definitions of self-expression," Simon Huck said. The future of fashion seems really promising provided that people will search for such creative and extremely innovative solutions...

A. Human exhibition will be open for four weeks between 5-30 September. Tickets cost $40 each. All fashion freaks need to remember this date. Official collaborators include make-up artist Isamaya Ffrench, designer Nicola Formichetti and theatrical director Michael Counts. The exhibition has been professionally prepared and now it's just waiting to be launched!

Kim Kardashian (37), posted on her Instagram a photo of a choker necklace submerged into her skin."My necklace glows like a heartbeat. It moves to the rhythm of my heartbeat. Thank you A. Human," Kardashian said. In whatever way Kardashian presents the choker, this kind of gadget won't win everyone's hearts but it will be certainly famous!

Chrissy Teigen (32), has chosen a totally different unique design on her chest. She went for feathers made from skin that seemed to grow out of her chest. "Thank you A. Human for my new feathers! I’m feeling it," she said. Chrissy Teigen looks totally different with those feathers! This is actually a good alternative to tattoos as that jewelry makes her even more feminine.

Teigen’s two-year-old daughter Luna also liked her mum’s look. "I like it!" her daughter said in the background. "You like it too?" Teigen replied. Seems like controversial jewelry can even draw children's attention who love experiments after all. Daughters often follow mothers' footsteps so we can expect that Luna will also present some experimental jewelry one day.

Queer Eye’s Tan France is also a fan of this experimental exhibition. "You guys!!! I was lucky enough to get an exclusive glimpse of A. Human’s new collection, and it looks like I’m taking something home! This beauty is The Tudor, and you can see it for yourself this #NYFashionWeek when they open their flagship store. @Ahuman #Ahuman," he wrote. Tan showed jewelry made of ruffled skin and bioreactive crystals.

Other weird celebrity fashion trends

Jennifer Lopez (49) was spotted in New York City, wearing an oversized shirt dress, Versace boots, and big sunglasses. It seems that not everything went well and one piece of her outfit stands out... Just look at her thigh-high denim boots. We can’t stop staring! Side big pockets, black belts that secure the top of the boots, classic jeans color. They look so strange that they immediately went viral.

Did it pay off to wear those boots? Her fans are quite confused seeing her in them as Jennifer is generally famous for a classy style and immaculate taste and how can she inspire people. This time, however, she clearly made a fashion blunder and her fans started to comment, mock and make funny memes about her ridiculous choice.

People indeed thought that her pants... are falling! Someone commented "I stared at this image for about five minutes try to figure out why Jennifer Lopez had her pants around her ankles in public before realizing they were boots. Don’t think I’m in the wrong here." Another person tweeted "That awkward moment when you thought that @JLo’s pants are falling."

Someone joked "now I know what J Lo stands for!", adding "#JLo #JeansLow #LowRiseJeans." Another person added "Only @JLo can have her pants fall down and magically turn into denim @Versace boots! #stylingandprofiling," "Only @JLo could wear those boots and get away with it!" one of her fans wrote. If she wanted attention then she achieved it.

Kanye West - funny shoes

Kanye West (41) is always able to surprise his fans with new trends. Mostly he can create outfits that are simply stunning and we like them. However, sometimes it just doesn’t work. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian attended 2 Chainz and Kesha Ward’s Miami wedding to celebrate the special day with them. However, Kanye’s shoes definitely caught everyone’s attention.

Soft green Louis Vuitton suit was a good choice but a pair of Yeezy slide-on’s with light blue socks completely ruined his outfit. Moreover, those shoes seemed to be two sizes too small which immediately made people mock the outfit. Obviously, such a ridiclous look had to draw attention. And people started providing feedback with neverending funny comments.

Some Twitter user wrote: "Maybe Kanye spilled something on the shoes he was gonna wear to 2 Chainz’s wedding. And maybe these beige puffy sandals were the only other footwear lying around. Because we all know this man makes many bold fashion risks, but he knows his shoe size." Clearly, Kanye West doesn't know his shoe size and that's why he made this blunder...

Someone else was laughing: "I’m mad that Kanye West decided to wear slides with that suit… And then slides that aren’t even his size? Like, damn he looked f–king good until I saw the full photos and realised his shoes don’t even fit his feet. Mad." This is simply lack of good taste. When people go for the most elegant shoes for their suits, Kanye just chooses something like this...

Another comment said: "Say what you want, but he’s a smart guy. Now people are talking about his shoes (Yeezy Slides) that he recently introduced, but I bet they wouldn’t be if he wore the correct size." Will it be the latest craze, the new trend being presented on a catwalk? We really respect Kanye but people should look for fashion inspirations somewhere else...

One user accused him of wearing his daughter’s shoes! "You’d think with all that Yeezy money, Kanye West would have chosen shoes that fir for such an occasion, but nah he had to take North’s on the way out." Maybe he is simply busy because of some new projects. We don't know why he chose those freaky shoes but it seems that he consulted that choice with Jennnifer Lopez...

West tried to clarify the choice by tweeting an infographic of "the Japanese way" of wearing sandals looking like a modern version of traditional Japanese geta shoes. The photo shows a method for wearing the thong-style sandals with a wooden sole, where the heel extends one to two centimeters past the wooden sole. Dana Buntrock, the Department of Architecture chair of the Center for Japanese Studies at UC Berkeley doesn't seem to be convinced.

She said that the method shown in West's post is simply not applied to the type of sandals the singer was wearing. "I'm actually not sure why the shoe is worn like that, but Mr. West is right to say it often is. However, I have not seen the practice carry over to pool sandals," she said. We think that Kanye's fans are still confused, even after seeing the explanation.

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