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Beauty things that men just don't get

Men are probably too simple to understand some notions, trends, and phrases that women use on the daily basis. and sometimes when they see some of your beauty devices or clothes they have no idea how specifically they are called. This article presents a few of such examples so feel free to ask your partner, friend or brother and check if they have the vaguest ideas what's the following terms mean or why women use these particular things.


They have no idea that this is the illusion of naturally-caused highlights.

Ombré hair

They see your two color hair but don’t know what it is called.

Ombré lips

He probably doesn’t understand why your ombré your lips!

Fake eyelashes

Let him think they are real…

Body shimmer

He doesn’t know why your legs look se*ier.

BB Cream

They think that this is something connected with breaking bad, not just blemish balm.


Some men don’t know that this is a decorative piece of jewelry that you pin to your clothes.

Kitten heels

It’s not connected with animals. They are shoes with a mini heel - from 3.5 centimeters to 4.75 centimeters.


Maybe he doesn’t know the term because you rarely use exfoliators.

Hair straightener

If he knew what it is, he could use it for the hems of his shirt.

Eyelash curlers

He might think it’s a torture device.

Eyebrow gel

Why put gel on your eyebrows?!

Tons of beauty products

Men are too simple to understand this notion.

Dark lipstick

Why put something gloomy on your lips?


He definitely doesn’t know it’s a type of nail varnish.


Why spend so much time to weave them and then just unravel?

Filling in your eyebrows

Men won't understand why you do it.

Makeup brushes

Are they for painting?!

Halter neck

He probably has no idea that the halter neck is a kind of style using a strap around the back of the neck in order to hold up your dress. Too complicated.

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