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Things that attract men like a magnet

It seems that particular body features attract more men. Although men have different preferences as to the perfect female body, some of the factors seem to be much more appreciated. The length of your legs, the color of your hair or the manner of speaking - all those things count when you want to attract the opposite gender. Even if you can’t change some of your body features, you’d better know in what way you might be more tempting for men.


Men like women who have a high "feminine" voice.

The reason is simple - high feminine voices are associated with youth!

Manner of speaking

A manner of speaking also counts and men prefer women who speak in a similar manner to theirs.


Men prefer women who are shorter than themselves.

The difference in height could be less than 7 or 8 inches.


Men are generally older than women and it seems that most couples are like that.

According to the scientists, men aged before 20 and after 30 tend to choose women from 24 to 25 as their se*ual partners.

Eye color

According to Norwegian scientists, blue-eyed men prefer blue-eyed women.

And men with brown and green eyes don't necessarily prefer blue-eyed women.


Men prefer women using makeup in moderation.

Women who put too much makeup might repel men.

Waist-hip ratio

According to scientists, the ideal waist-hip ration is 0.7.

Limbal rings

Researchers also claim that wide limbal rings attract men more.

Hair color

French scientists conducted research checking which women are asked to dance in nightclubs more often - blonde-haired, brown-haired or red-haired.

It seems that blondes were invited more often than others.

The second place belonged to brunettes, and red-haired women had the last place.


It's probably not surprising that men prefer women with longer legs.

They just prefer when women’s legs are relatively long in comparison to the rest of her body.

So, don't worry. The thing that matters is the contrast with the rest of the body.

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