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A small Indian girl was abandoned by her Spanish adoptive parents, allegedly for having been deceived

Undoubtedly, one of the most controversial topics is the cause of a large number of marches and demonstrations, both in favor and against the legal abortion. Many of those who oppose this new legislation argue that a good solution is to give the child for adoption because in the world there are many couples who do not have the possibility of procreating on their own. However, even this topic is controversial and in this article, we will expose a particular case of a Spanish couple who abandoned their adopted daughter allegedly because they were deceived at the time of adoption. Below all the details …

While millions continue to express their point of view in favor of or against the legal abortion, there are also thousands of couples waiting for the approval of their search for an adopted child. A subject that is always delicate and quite complicated to deal with and which, in turn, is almost impossible to remain indifferent and neutral towards. There are plenty of arguments for those who are in favor and also those who defend their position against finding more than convincing reasons to do so.

It is known that in order to be able to adopt before you have to go through several stages. It is an uphill road, but those who wish to become parents go through it all without thinking and without complaining. However, all these obstacles and complications in the process are often questioned even by those who are alien to the cause. Many believe that if it were easier to adopt a child, the issue of both the interrupted pregnancy and all of its implications would be solved.

However, the desire to fulfill their most desired dream, that which was taken from them by nature, is much stronger than any bureaucratic obstacle at the time of initiating the adoption process. Therefore, they are subjected to each and every one of the socio-economic studies, even psychological, in order to achieve their most longed-for goal and provide the child with the most dignified life they deserve and which, in turn, was also denied to them by their biological parents.

But, although it seems impossible, after having decided and have passed each and every test and have gone through all the necessary stages, there are unusual cases like this. Before starting with the main story of our article, it is important to mention that the subject, besides being outrageous, also requires to be observed with the maximum possible objectivity so as not to lose your temper.

It turns out that recently there was great controversy in India due to the news that a couple of Spanish origins had abandoned their 7-year-old daughter of Indian origin. Of course, since the news went viral, the opinions were immediate. The most predominant reactions are disbelief and, of course, disdain. But, the thing that most lights the spirits with regard to the matter is to know everything about the reasons that led the couple to such an act.

We all wonder how this is possible. Especially once we have mentioned how complicated and tedious it becomes an adoption process.
Well, although it seems impossible to conceive, the news is completely true. But then, what was it that motivated those who so wished to become parents to commit such an aberrant act?
Why did they do what they did and is it justifiable?

According to official information provided by the international news agency, EFE, the couple argued that they had been deceived regarding the age of the child. According to the ruthless "parents", the Indian institution of adoption of minors, the Central Adoption Resources Agency (CARA), purposely manipulated the data of the child. This may be with the intention of streamlining adoption procedures.

According to the couple, the little girl was, according to CARA, 7 years old. However, apparently, this information was completely false, since the girl is allegedly a 13-year-old girl. Once the adoptive parents discovered the scam that, in their opinion, they were victims, they decided to contact via email with the adoption agency to make a formal complaint about the alleged deception and to let them know their great disappointment about the matter.

"The parents affirmed that they were deceived with respect to the real age of the girl, the process of adoption of the minor was promoted giving erroneous information", tweeted the Indian minister of Development of the Woman and the Child, Maneka Gandhi. The couple, whose identity has remained anonymous, resides in the Spanish city of Zaragoza and placed the minor in the custody of the Child Care and Adolescence service of the Aragonese Institute of Social Services.

Both governments, both Indian and Spanish are already in contact and have begun a process of investigation into this shameful and regrettable case of child abandonment for alleged fraud and to fully clarify any questions and disclaim responsibilities. However, it is undoubtedly the kid, who by the way is still in Spain, who is the great victim in this whole issue. This news has already caused reactions.

The vast majority of them are of course repudiation and reprobation for the unpleasant acts of baseness on the part of the adoptive parents.
However, there are also those who are on the side of the couple and justify their actions arguing that they are the real victims because they were deceived and cheated vilely. Meanwhile, the little girl remains under the care and custody of the Aragonese authorities waiting to see if she will be put back into adoption or if she is sent back to her native country.

It should be noted that the minor can remain in Spain if she so wishes since she has Spanish nationality from the moment she was adopted by the couple from Zaragoza. However, although you might think that the decision is in her hands, she is still a defenseless minor and a victim of abandonment.

It is difficult to think that she wants to remain in a country completely alien to her customs, even when she supposedly belongs, at least legally to them.
For this reason, it is difficult to imagine that the girl decides to stay in Europe. In conclusion, we could stop to reflect on paternity, whether biological or adoptive and all the implications and responsibilities that this entails.

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