Published 2018-09-10
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Successful tricks to pick up a guy

How to pick up a guy? Sometimes you may not want to wait for his move. Guy also tend to be shy and they will just take a glance at you and say nothing but deep inside you may feel that they like you! So to get it moving, you have no choice but to take everything in your own hands! what can possibly go wrong? You have nothing to lose! Even if you won’t find your Prince Charming, you can still make friends with amazing people! continue reading to find out more!

Successful tricks to pick up a guy

Go out to different venues, not to the same places!

The thing is that even if you have your favorite places, you probably know nearly everyone there! Now it’s high time for you to try something new!

Don’t always go out with other girls! When you are surrounded by giggling and talking girls than guys may find it intimidating!

So when you go out alone, at least from time to time, then you have a chance to have a fabulous conversation with other men!

Be prepared! What if you want his number and your phone dies and his phone is dead too?

Say 'hi' and wait for his move! He will see that you are into him!

This is especially a good trick for all the girls who are simply to show to start even the most casual small talk.

Just ask him to dance! This may seem awkward and people may think that this right belongs to men. Well… it’s not true!

Even if he says no, then go on a dancefloor anyway and show him what he’s just lost!

Don't hesitate to talk to people! The more relaxed and sociable you are, the better chance you will pick up a guy!

What to talk about? If you are too nervous to think about something clever than you should comment on the place you are.

Your surroundings may be the best topic to discuss, for example, start a conversation by asking someone about the singer or the best drinks in the bar.

Don’t overthink! If you tend to be a melancholic thinker who analyzes everything carefully then change the attitude!

You need to make some decisions spontaneously! Do you see a handsome guy at the buy who is smiling at you? Just approach him and see how it will go.

Be flirty and confident - guys won’t resist you!

Before you even go out and start picking up guys, you need to make sure that you feel good about yourself!

Nice dress, makeup, and smile are what you need! Accept yourself and show others your confidence!

Be yourself - don’t put on a mask of someone else! No one likes two-faced women.

What if you’re rejected? Rejection will surely happen but you shouldn't give up! Just continue and learn from your past experiences.

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