Published 2018-09-14
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Best things about being in a relationship

Being in a relationship can be one of the best feelings ever experienced as you get to share almost everything in your life with someone whom you love and are pretty sure he is going to be your one and only, at least that is what we all feel at first and we want to just stay right there in the honeymoon phase because there are so many things about having a boyfriend that is so unbelievably beautiful that it is worth all the hard work and compromise we put into it. Here is a list of the BEST things about being in a relationship.

When it comes to bed activities, you exactly know each other’s bodies

It is fine if he does not answer your text.

There is someone who can help you with the zip of your dress.

There is always someone to split food with.

There also is someone to accompany you when you eat.

You no longer need to search all dating apps to find your ONE.

You are no longer afraid of being embarrassing.

There is someone there with you through excruciating family dinners.

You can double date with your best friend.

You no longer are the third wheel.

There is always someone to like your posts.

You feel more relaxed.

Valentine day is no longer depressing.

There is always someone to go out with.

You get to have matching outfits.

He knows everything that you like.

There is always someone to cook for you when you do not feel like it.

You also won’t be cooking only for yourself.

You have your own inside jokes.

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