Published 2018-09-18
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Moments in your life when being single is just too hard

Singles are often considered as miserable, unlucky creatures who have to rely on themselves and spend their evenings alone. However independent and carefree you claim to be, being single sometimes just sucks. There are many situations when you can treat it as a blessing but mostly, who wants to be alone? You may have lots of friends but then after a party or shopping, you come back home alone and you have none to kiss, none to hug and tell about your day. Let's see how miserable being single can be.

Bouquet tosses

You used to love that part of every wedding but now, it just seems so sad.

Everybody looks at you because you are a lonely single lady who won’t probably catch the bouquet this time.

Your bestfriend gets a boyfriend

Now you feel even more lonely because your only soul mate doesn’t have so much time for you since she thrives in her relationship.

You see them happy and you wonder why you can’t be the same.

Recipes for two servings

You finally decided to learn to cook but it turns out that all the recipes make you prepare enough food for a couple.

All holidays are terrible

The worst one is Valentine’s Day. You see couples everywhere and you literally want to start hitting them.

The rest of the holidays is not better. You don’t even have someone to bring home with when it’s Christmas or Easter time.

Your mum

She loves saying "When I was your age, I was already married and had two children".

And when there is a family gathering, everyone keeps asking you if you are still single or not…

Emergency contact to fill in

Well, you just have to write down your mum’s name for the 30th time because you don’t have much choice.

You find a big spider in your flat

Well, you need to cope with this trouble on your own…

Bad dates

You finally decided to start going on dates and obviously you meet lots of boring/selfish/rude guys.

And you realize that you prefer sitting on your couch and watching TV or finding as perfect guy straightaway.


They are generally too emotional for you and although you are excited for your family or friends who are happy to tie the knot, you wish you could stand there too with your partner.

Well, it may be even worse when you are giving a plus-one wedding invitation…

Your clothes

Your clothes also can make you remember about the fact that you are single.

There are many shirts with zippers on the back or body-con dresses and it would be very nice if someone could help you then.

Fall and lonely evenings

When the weather is so terrible and it’s dark outside so early, you would surely want to have someone to cuddle.

You can still go out and party all night but watching TV with some guy laughing, eating popcorn and kissing is just more tempting.

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