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Published 2018-09-18
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Tricks to help you have thicker-looking hair

We all know how beautiful hair affects our overall image, so women dream of healthy, shiny and long hair like their favorite movie stars. Although we currently have a lot of resources and preparations that will help us take care of our hair, in some cases it is difficult to get the desired effect. Since the nutrients present in food are transported through the blood to the hair follicles, a well-balanced diet and a life without stress can be a perfect remedy for their bad condition. To help you with your long hair care, we have some brilliant tricks for you!

Do not be afraid to undercut hair. Cut at least 2-3 cm.

Have a balanced diet. Consume adequate amounts of carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals.

Do not wash your hair too frequently.

Apply a conditioner at the end of their hair only, avoiding the tip of the head.

Use natural bristle brush that distributes natural oils in an appropriate way.

For women who have trouble with unruly and messy hair, we recommend replacing cotton covers with silk one.

Many beauty parlors offer treatments that help determine and improve the condition of our skin.

For women who have problems with unruly hair, we recommend regular use of natural oils such as jojoba or coconut oil.

If you are one of those people who, after coming out of the tub wrap their wet hair with a towel, you should know that this can cause permanent damage to the hair structure.

In addition to a varied diet that we mentioned before, the key to proper hair care is eating adequate amounts of healthy fats.

Therefore, our diet should include products such as olive oil, avocados, nuts, and fish.

No brushing when your hair is wet. Your wet hair is more prone to damage and breakage.

Shampoo: To choose the best option, keep in mind that 'sodium laureth sulfate' is what you need to avoid in the shampoo!

Massaging your scalp with your fingertips using different kinds of hair oil products, depending on your hair, will help your blood circulation and will strengthen your hair roots.

The majority of women use hair straightener or flat irons to give their hair a better look. Extreme heat is the most destructive enemy of your hair!

Stress is the most common cause of so many problems, hair loss is one of those many. It affects your hair growth as well no matter how perfectly you’ve been taken care of it.

Drinking water is not only good for your skin and will help you with your acne, it will also help you to have a better-looking hair.

It will help your body get rid of the toxins and will freshen the whole system up.

Supplements like biotin, vitamin B or omega-3 can help you with your hair growth but we suggest that you consult a specialist before starting to use these artificial supplements in order to find the one that is the best choice for you.

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