Published 2018-09-19
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Secrets that you’re allowed to keep in a relationship

They say that a serious and long-term relationship is always based on honesty. However, we must tell you that it’s not entirely true. Of course, you should open up to your partner and share your opinions, plans, interests and many other things and you shouldn’t conceal the fact that you don’t love him/her anymore and you think about a breakup. But there are a few slight details that partners are allowed to keep in secret for some reasons. Mostly, when your partner would feel hurt and the truth would do more harm than good. Let’s check out those things!

1. Your intimate moments were more satisfying with your previous partner.

You like some particular things about your ex-boyfriend and your current partner doesn’t have them.

There are obviously some qualities your ex-boyfriend had and your current partner lacks but you don’t need to share them.

You don’t have to admit how many intimate encounters you’ve had in the past.

You may have slept with no one or even 100 people but honestly, your partner doesn’t have to know this fact.

2. You hate some of his family members.

And you proudly think that your own family is way better than his but surely you would lack respect if you told him this.

3. You think he should lose weight or gain weight.

You may want him to be like a model, thinner or more muscular, less skinny but this isn’t something you ought to share.

And if this thing is bothering you and you would like to change something in his appearance then it clearly means you don't accept and love him.

4. You don’t have to reveal how much money spend on everyday stuff unless you share your finances.

It would only add anxiety to your relationship. And this is probably not what you want.

5. You also don’t have to say that you weren’t attracted to him initially.

He doesn’t need to know that at the beginning you didn't even think he was attractive.

6. His friend is so hot, so charming!

It’s normal that he has some attractive friends but expressing your admiration won’t help your relationship.

7. Your family or friends may say something negative about him but you shouldn’t share this with your partner.

If you repeat those things to them, your partner may not even want to meet them next time.

And in the consequence, he will distance from them making you choose between him or your closest ones.

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