Published 2018-09-20
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How to impress your crush without much effort

If you think that it's hard to impress someone whom you don’t know well then you are wrong. There are some quick tricks that don’t cost a penny but can make him feel more attracted to you. You don’t need to be a well-known actress, play a few instruments or buy him expensive gifts in order to win his heart. There are many easier things that can help in your love life and you are going to read about them in this article. Don’t hesitate to try them out!

Showing your sense of humor and making your crush laugh DO work!

You can imitate some famous celebrity or tell him most embarrassing stories from your childhood.

some famous will show that he can have lots of fun with you.

Show him how an open-minded and tolerant person you are.

Don’t show negativity and don’t complain! This is not attractive.

Tell him about your passions. Let him see that you are not a boring person!

Also, ask him about his passions and other areas from his life.

Listen to him carefully and compliment from time to time.

When you want to hear about them as well, it shows your care and interest.

Don’t hesitate to ask for his advice.

When you confide in him talking about your dilemmas and asking for advice, it means you see him as a good person.

Don’t plan everything! Try to be more spontaneous.

Suggest going out somewhere just an hour earlier, dance in the street or bring him his favorite meal at work.

Be polite and kind. Being rude will never win people’s hearts.

Respect those who are around you - waiters, shop assistants and others whom you see on your way. He will see how a great person you are.

Try new things and encourage him to do it with you - it can be bungee jumping, skydiving or something less extreme.

Let him get to know your secret talents. He will be proud of you!

Open up and let yourself be more vulnerable.

When you feel the urge to vent and cry then don’t hold it back.

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