Published 2018-09-21
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How to stop having a crush on someone

Getting over your crush may be very overwhelming and frustrating. However, for some reasons you have to do it sooner or later. It may turn out that he is married or he doesn’t treat you well and you’d better not engage in such a relationship. Whatever the reason, you need some tips that will help you feel better and forget about his existence. The worst thing is to just sit, cry and feel miserable. You need to be aware that there are millions of other guys who are just waiting to date such a fabulous person as you are!

1. Simply stop thinking about him!

You can train your mind and distract your thoughts so that he wouldn't’ exist in them any longer.

You can engage in new projects at work, travel, find new friends or activities.

2. Don’t focus on his good sides, constantly remind yourself of their worst features.

Maybe he was cruel to his ex-girlfriend? Or he is selfish and doesn’t understand your priorities? Focus on that.

3. Your crush may be in your social circle so try to avoid that group if this is possible.

It may be harder if you work together but try to keep things professional there.

4. Remember that getting over someone doesn’t happen overnight, sometimes it takes time.

5. Go out - don’t sit alone at home crying and thinking about him!

Try some new activities - you surely have some dreams that you’ve always wanted to fulfill.

6. You can also unfollow him on social media.

It doesn’t have to be permanent but will help you resist the temptation to send him a message or like his cute photos.

7. If you can’t manage your sadness alone, ask your friends for help. They will make you feel more confident.

8. Start going on dates if you feel you are ready for that.

Why not download a dating app and have some fun?

That fun may transform into something serious...

9. Write down a letter to your crush and express all your feelings.

Don’t send it to him! Just throw away to the bin or burn.

This will help your emotional state and clear your thoughts.

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