Published 2018-09-24
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Most ridiculous Kim Kardashian looks

Kim Kardashian may be a fashion icon for some girls. However, most of her outfit look so eccentric and ridiculous that people just frown or laugh at her choices. One thing is for sure, she loves drawing attention and doesn't care if people like it or not. Kim has always wanted to be in the spotlight and due to her outfits, she achieves this goal. However, she needs to deal with constant criticism and offensive remarks. Let's see some of Kim Kardashian most shocking outfits!

Pregnancy isn’t always bliss. She should have concentrated on comfort and leave her high heels at home.

Her feet must have hurt so much! She doesn't look attractive in them.

This dress is shining more brightly than the sun in summer but it's also too tight for her...

Those trousers are not a good choice for her curvy body...

She must have forgotten her pants... What a blunder!

She looks like a huge basket!

These glasses are so ridiculous! Not so feminine...

The whole world saw this dress... And tabloids couldn't get it enough!

And then it all started... just look at this funny comparison!

People were insulting her calling her Shamu, the killer whale.

Wild, crazy but also ...weird! This is not what you usually see in the street.

She must have regretted the dress choice as her fans quickly insulted her...

Yes, she looks like my grandma's couch...

Or even worse, like Mrs. Doubtfire!

Wow, this is my favorite blanket! She has stolen it!

And this is... Well, definitely not something classy.

Look at those shoes... This couple is famous for weird footwear choices...

This time she forgot her shirt and only put on a raincoat.

So tight! She probably forgot how revealing this dress is!

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