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Current photos of Honey Boo Boo, the little beauty queen who has turned 13

Why did the star of "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo", Alana Thompson, better known as "Honey Boo Boo", since TLC canceled the program in 2014? The girl grew a lot from the aforementioned series, and especially from "Toddlers & Tiaras", which is where she made her television debut. Gone are the days of "Go Go Juice" and her "famous routine of Daisy Duke". Alana, who already celebrated her 13th birthday, went on to more mature activities that have been evolving her little by little until she became a little woman. Then we will show you how she changed and what she is currently doing…

1. The beginnings of the mini diva

During the appearance of Mama June and Alana on the daytime talk show "The Doctors", the program expressed concern about the health and weight of Honey Boo Boo. During the first of the three episodes, it was revealed that Alana, who was then 9 years old, was 1.37 m tall and weighed almost 57 kilos, something that the co-hosts classified as obesity. Of course, it was no secret, since the young girl was subjected to food excesses that caused the situation. Far from fighting for appearance, obesity can cause, and in fact does, heart disease that could result in serious disorders or even death.

2. The beginning of the change

Immediately after her final appearance on "The Doctors," Mama June wrote a post about the weight loss progress that Alana was supposed to have made, even though the program claimed otherwise. "Cause everyone wants to know how Alana [is] doing, she has lost almost 8 pounds from 125.5 to 118 so Far in a [month] I'm so proud of her," Mama June wrote. Although for many this does not mean a considerable amount, the truth is that to ensure the healthiness of a weight without affecting the internal organs is advisable to do it little by little and not by "miracle diets."

3. Mother excuses

Mama June tried to claim that Alana's weight was due to the steroids she was taking for a number of pre-existing health conditions, although such rumors were quickly denied. "It’s not her steroids that are causing her to be obese. It’s the foods she’s eating," said Dr. Travis Stork. The obvious fact that her weight gain was due to high-calorie meals left the mother completely defenseless against the accusations. She simply had to lose weight if she did not want to lose her beloved daughter. There was not much she could do.

4. Everyone asks: Why?

A few months after Mama June's post on Instagram about Alana's alleged weight loss, Honey Boo Boo made a rare appearance on the red carpet in her home state of Georgia. The young woman seemed not to want to get stuck in her role as a model and had the intention of offering her new image maybe for some movie. However, she did not receive exactly the welcome she expected, because although she has a program in which she appears with her mother to document her change, she is no longer the graceful and plump girl who won fame, but is now a worrying figure.

5. The musical test that never came to anything

In the fall of 2015, she tried to start a career in music when she released her first rap single, "Movin 'Up," which was produced by Adam Barta, the man behind other television stars turned pseudo-musicians. The reception was horrible since the single had a poor edition and a lack of grace that could only augur the most resounding failure. Despite having several million reproductions, negative comments and dislikes multiplied and outweighed their positive counterparts. The doll that triumphed on television had become a broken toy in the hands of music.

6. Mama June and her return to the small screen

In November 2015, it was announced that Mama June would make her big return to television in a thematic edition of the WeTV series "Marriage Boot Camp", with her ex, Sugar Bear, with whom she had reconciled after separating in 2014. Alana came out in support of her family for the premiere of the series in Los Angeles. Although for many, it is hard to believe, she still had the same hook that made her jump to fame, although, of course, with a much more adult appearance. No doubt seeing her family together again she felt that happiness was coming back to her home.

7. The stellar reappearance

She arrived at the premiere wearing a black and white striped dress, accompanied by a pearl necklace, false eyelashes, and her distinctive personality. She also had straightened her hair and put some makeup on, as well as an outfit that gave her a much more adult appearance. In spite of that, all could see the young Honey Boo Boo in her maximum splendor, a luck of adolescent diva that does not have repairs in showing curves. However, some of her detractors jumped to declare that in reality, it was an image that did not help at all to the campaigns against childhood obesity. We cannot forget that during the filming, she took her famous smoothies that were a mixture of super sugary carbonated drink and red bull, something for nothing recommended for a child and less in her age.

8. The friendly side

Alana helped raise awareness about breast cancer in 2015. Then, in February 2018, she put on her "philanthropic shoes" again when she helped fundraise for Children's Hospital in Macon. In addition to helping with a ticket sale, the little Boo Boo made 450 homemade slime jars to sell with the promise of donating half the income. Some saw this opportunity as an attempt to derive benefit from a charitable cause, although most simply stayed with the attempt to carry out a very positive campaign that ended up benefiting the hospital as well.

9. Enter the scene Mama June

In March of 2017, her mother participated in the program titled "Mama June: From Not to Hot". Her trip to lose weight showed the amazing transformation of Mama June when she lost 136 kilos, down from 209 and reaching 73, a change that was very well received by the audience that did not stop praising the proposal. Although the program was focused on her mother, Honey Boo Boo received most of the glances. Undoubtedly this new stage of the family was faced with a lot of enthusiasm, especially by its protagonist, who gained a lot of confidence in herself.

10. Alana's intimate life

In April of 2017, in an interview, Alana revealed that, although she was only 11 years old at that time, she already had a boyfriend. She commented that his name was Justin and that he liked her because of "her personality". No doubt many people were surprised by the revealing of the exclusive news as the fact that she was so young and was already thinking about maintaining a relationship. She did not know much more about him, but all her fans were pleasantly happy with the good work of one of the most explosive girls on the small American screen.

11. The new additions

In 2017, Alana's older sister, Pumpkin, 17, gave birth to their first child, a girl named Ella Grace. It was the third time that Alana became an aunt, as she was honored twice thanks to the daughters of her sister Chickadee, Kaitlyn Elizabeth and Kylee Madison. The family was growing little by little and its members were very welcomed by the fans since now they had all become celebrities. Finally, it seemed that the life of the Thompson was becoming more numerous and happy.

12. The new pride of the family

However, the aunt of Honey Boo Boo, was no less excited this time, as she posted several photos of her two-month-old niece on her Instagram. Social networks became pure boiling, trying to see the new member of the family as a possible continuation of the career she started herself. Will the kid be a new celebrity on the catwalk or, on the contrary, will she prefer to opt for a very different path? What we know for sure is that the possibilities and the doors will be well opened by all the fans of the Thompson clan.

13. Social networks

What presence does Honey Boo Boo have on social networks? If you thought of "endless crazy selfies, strange and hilarious videos and an explosion of emoji", you guessed right. The young influencer has become a kind of new celebrity that never ceases to amaze her followers with a sugary style full of all kinds of comments about how happy her life is and all kinds of crazy things related to her own life. It seems that the young woman who constantly said in her song that she was the princess of her inner world still believes she is with her surroundings. How could it be otherwise, some love her casual point of view and others simply hate her for it.

14. Professional criticism

The medium Life & Style said that Alana's Instagram profile proclaimed that she "belongs to a gallery of modern art" and that she demonstrates that she is a "budding poet and philosopher, as well as being an artist". This, of course, raised the controversy, because the real artists consider it simply a product created for mockery, while its defenders claim that it is really the expression of the purest Honey Boo Boo style, something that will last forever despite what they say.

15. Alana defends herself

Others are not so impressed with the post. In fact, she has been accused in the comments for her "black humor". Although Alana has tried to defend herself, she has only made things worse. The young influencer has come to be accused of not knowing how to understand the role she plays in society. It is clear that she still has a lot of time to react and make decisions about her own life.
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