Published 2018-10-10
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Gestures that can make him love you even more!

You can’t force someone to fall in love with you but if he already loves you then you can make him realize even more how great partner he has. And this is not about manipulating, brainwashing or making someone addicted to you. With a few simple ways, you can just make your partner appreciate and love you more which has one big advantage. Your bond will be stronger and your love even more beautiful? If you want to try out these tips then continue reading!

Have a bubble bath together.

Make him his favorite meal.

Organize a surprising date.

Tell him that you are grateful for him.

Prepare his lunch for him with a beautiful note.

Give him his own space.

Let him have his time with his boy.

Be there for him when he feels blue.

Go on road trips together.

Feel free to provoke him with your se*iness.

Hang out with his friends.

Be honest with him.

Give him compliments when he does things the right way.

Be a little bit more mysterious so he has something to discover.

Make him smile.

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