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The difference between the wedding kisses of Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle and Princess Eugenie

Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton, and Princess Eugenie have much in common and lately, everyone talks about these three beautiful women. All three belong to the British Royal Family and in recent times each of them got married to a member of royalty. Their weddings were a world-class event and everyone wanted to know what each of the couples looked like at their wedding day. Now, after some time, we can analyze and observe the details of each of the ceremonies. Although all the weddings were luxurious, there is a great difference that we can perceive in the kisses exchanged between the newlyweds.

1. Since the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, seven years have passed, but the couple is still very happy and dedicated to their family. Kate and William have three children named George, Charlotte, and Louis (who was born earlier this year), and, according to the closest sources, despite the time they have together, they are very much in love. Kate is demonstrating that she can occupy such an important position within British royalty, and she uses her knowledge in fashion to positively influence society.

2. Their wedding took place on April 29, 2011, and it was a great sensation because Kate has no aristocratic origins. However, William wanted to fight for their love and broke protocol rules to marry Kate. In this way, both were somewhat nervous, but, as they captured the cameras of everyone, they were hardly noticed and everything was fine. On the other hand, William, like a good big brother, paved the way so that Harry would not have problems in choosing the lady he wanted…

3. We all remember their kiss when they went out to the balcony of Buckingham Palace. A body language expert, Blanca Cobb, analyzed those moments saying: "William and Kate stand shoulder to shoulder, and William leans in to place a kiss on his bride’s lips. Their lips touch for a brief second, and their eyes aren't completely closed, indicating that it's a more formal kiss, which is typical PDA for this royal couple. They also open their eyes at different moments, which signals a disconnect or that Kate is shy or embarrassed. After the kiss, Kate giggles then immediately turns to face the crowd."

4. This form of aware-acting is a habitual fact for this real couple because they are the union that will be able to ascend to the throne in the not too distant future. They also opened their eyes at different times, which means a disconnection between the two. It is very complicated to maintain the forms and the emotion to meet certain rules of conduct at such moments. The lack of coordination could be due to Kate's shyness, or to the feeling of embarrassment. After the kiss, Kate laughs and looks at the audience.

5. Comparing this kiss with the one that follows, which was given by Harry and Meghan at the wedding on May 19, Cobb explained: "It should come as no surprise that Harry and Meghan’s kiss is more intimate than William and Kate’s. Harry and Meghan always appear to be more comfortable showing PDA, whereas William and Kate have traditionally been more reserved and formal."

6. A few months ago, we also witnessed the wedding of William's brother, Prince Harry. The youngest of the children of Diana and Charles was married to the American actress, Meghan Markle. Harry decided to follow in his brother's footsteps and also chose a woman who did not belong to royalty as his wife. Although choosing a woman outside the aristocracy is no longer forbidden or as badly seen as in the past, the truth is that this generates new family members have different conflicts when it comes to respecting the rules of conduct.

7. Their wedding was broadcast on all continents and marked a before and after, as the last child of Lady Di married at 33 years. The kiss was worthy of a romantic film and Cobb knew how to describe it and get all the details of this event. "Harry licked his lips, an anticipatory gesture, right before he goes in for the kiss. Even though Harry and Meghan stand shoulder to shoulder, Harry really leans in to kiss his bride."

8. Cobb continues to explain the key signs of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's bridal affection. "And Meghan turns her body toward Harry to accept his kiss, their bodies like magnets drawing them toward each other. Both Harry and Meghan close their eyes to enjoy their prolonged kiss, even though Harry’s eyes linger on Meghan before he closes them." The audience applauded such a loving and delicate approach. Both seemed to have forgotten everyone.

9. Cobb finished the explanation about the bodily signals: "As they break the kiss, Meghan locks eyes with her Prince. Her look is flirtatious and full of love. Both Harry and Meghan's eyes linger on each other as they pull away — it’s as if they don’t want to look anywhere else. They can’t get enough of each other!" Cobb expressed. Both seem to win in love and passion to a couple of William and Kate…

10. Everyone was very excited to see that such romantic stories really exist. Although much of Meghan's family seemed to have been working hard to keep the bond from ever happening, the former actress showed that her bond with the prince was sincere and profound, and all this was transmitted powerfully over the audience. Each of the last weddings of the Royal House of England has caused a great impact, as they seem events of other times, which evoke a lot of romanticism…

11. In the month of October of the year 2018, we witnessed another wedding in the British Royal Family. This time, it's about Princess Eugenie and an entrepreneur, Jack Christopher Brooksbank. Although their marriage does not arouse as much curiosity as those mentioned above, it was also a great event among the English. The analysts observed that without a doubt this ceremony did not have as much repercussion as that of Harry and Meghan. According to experts in lip reading, the prince's cousin, Zara Tindall, told the Duke of Sussex that it was very quiet compared to screaming at her wedding.

12. The wedding of the queen's granddaughter took place in the same temple in which the dukes of Sussex married, in the Chapel of St. George. There the most respected members of British royalty and aristocracy and numerous celebrities, including Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss met. 850 guests for an unforgettable appointment. Princess Eugenie looked amazing with a fantastic wedding dress designed by the artists Peter Pilotto and Christopher De Vos, with a distinctive neckline that extended to her shoulders.

13. The design of the upper part of her costume was a special feature that Eugenia asked the creators. And is that she had an operation at age 12 to correct scoliosis and has scars on her back. Another aspect that drew more attention in the ceremony, apart from the shyness and nervousness of the groom, was the resplendent tiara that Eugenia wore. Experts noted that it was the tiara Greville Emerald Kokoshnik, borrowed from her grandmother, The Queen.

14. However, the observers noticed a very significant difference between the three weddings. We have seen in the previous sections of our list that the primordial difference between the kisses of the weddings of the descendants of Lady Di was the shyness and the passionate devotion among the lovers. Perhaps because of the difference of personality and responsibility of both bonds. So, how did these factors influence the moment dreamed up by Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank?

15. It turns out that Jack, Eugenie's husband, is the only one who kisses her also, embracing her, leaving her hand resting after the contact with her lips. "It doesn't suggest the other men don't love their women," language expert Blanca Cobb told a British media. "It's his way of silently saying, 'You're my world, I'm going to hold all of you. The stomach is very intimate, since it's right above pleasure zone and right underneath her breast."

16. Neither Harry nor William had that gesture with their wives, so Jack's behavior caught the attention of many. But it also seems that such images could be somewhat reprimanded by those who ensure that the actual protocol is complied with. "She may not be that high on the totem pole, but she’s still royal and may have gotten the signal, 'I'm not supposed to be doing this, I forgot, I'm in public.'"Cobb says. That's why they seemed more human…

17. "It's a great sign. You don't want to break away from someone who has your heart on a beautiful occasion." Maybe the newlyweds are not so worried (relatively speaking) in their image, because the news about them and their "protocol outputs" do not have as much impact as those referring to couples like Harry and Meghan.
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