Published 2018-10-24
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If you see any of these signs in him, your relationship is going nowhere!

When you are in a relationship, you keep wondering if this is the happily ever after one that you have dreamed of regardless of your gender. We all want to know if the person is the one. However, there are things you need to know to figure if your partner is ready to commit to a serious relationship or not! Commitment is a huge step which people mostly are afraid to take so in this list, we are going to present some of the signs that men are not serious about the relationship! If you see any of these signs in him, your relationship is going nowhere!

He keeps you separate from his world.

There is never any talk about the future.

He hides his relationship with you.

Your needs are trivial to him.

You are never his priority.

He never really listens to what you are saying.

He makes all the decisions by himself.

He lacks emotional intimacy.

He makes you feel insecure in the relationship.

He is jealous of everyone around you.

There is always endless arguments.

He pushes your buttons.

He loves it when you take care of him like a mother.

He never admits that he has made a mistake.

He is not there when things go wrong.

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