Published 2018-10-25
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Things you did not know all couples do secretly!

When you are in a relationship, there are so many things you would like to do as a couple. It could be many things that you have been doing all this time alone. Netflix and chill, doing literally nothing, choosing pet names for one another, sending cheesy romantic texts, baby talk, celebrating all kinds of anniversaries, saying I love you before hanging up the phone and a lot of things! Among all of these, there are some of the weirdest things that they do together and that they never talk about! Here is a list of the things you did not know all couples do secretly!

Grooming one another is one of the things that couples tend to do when they have been together for long!

Hanging around half naked is also one of the things that couple do in a none-se*ual way.

Cuddling while being sweaty because no one cares about body odor no more!

This one might sound pretty gross but sharing a toothbrush!

Peeing with the bathroom door open becomes a norm!

Showering together which may or may not be for pleasure!

Sharing food and even, in some cases, feeding each other.

Playing with each other’s hair. Even cutting it at times.

Rubbing the feet of your partner is something so many couples do!

Wearing each other's clothes.

Having crazy dance parties.

Popping the pimples of your partner.

Checking one another’s nose for bogeys.

Pulling out ingrown hair from one another’s back.

Kissing one another in the morning before brushing your teeth.

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