Published 2018-10-29
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Secrets that are hidden in monuments!

Many of us travel to get the chance to visit the city that we have always had in mind and also to get to take a photo in front of our favorite monuments. Some of us, study so much about the city we want to the city and know the ins and outs of it but some of us just go and walk around! If you are there with a tourist guide, the chances of you learning about the mysterious stories is a lot more but if not, you will be missing it! A chance of a lifetime wasted just because there was no one to tell us about it! So for that reason, we have provided the secrets that are hidden in monuments for you!

Buried Alamo Treasure - People believe that there is a hidden treasure here.

Another secret about this place is that a skull was found in one of the walls of the chapel that was believed by many to be for a priest.

The Washington Monument - A hidden bibble was found here.

The Gateway Arch - A time capsule with 736 thousand signatures of local citizens in sealed within.

Arch de Triomphe - Lists off the battles that Napoleon was victorious in.

Also, there is a list of the names of the 660 persons inscribed on the Arc de Triomphe.

The Statue of Liberty - The broken chain at the feet of the Statue of Liberty.

Eiffel Tower - The top floor apartment of the Eiffel Tower.

The Lincoln Memorial - Abraham Lincoln’s arms are on pillars, called Fauci's, which in ancient Roman means absolute power.

Thomas Jefferson Monument - Jefferson is positioned to stare directly at the White House.

The White House Underground - Secret path for the relocation of the president during emergency situations.

Mount Rushmore - The time capsule in the cave. The cave serves as a time capsule now with copies of important documents and memoirs of various presidents placed.

Mona Lisa - Many believed that there was another portrait painted by Leonardo Da Vinci himself and it’s no copy.

The Matterhorn at Disneyland - Inside the very top of the mountain, there is a small attic-like structure used as a staging and break area for climbers.

There’s a basketball hoop there attached to the wooden stairs so climbers and cast members can pass time when there is a bad weather.

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