Published 2018-10-29
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What happens to our bodies when we stop drinking!

You spent a brilliant time with your friends partying the whole night. And of course, you weren’t just drinking water! Your friends were challenging you to take just one more drink Hopefully, you managed to walk to your bed but now you feel dizzy and everything is just going around before your eyes. It generally takes between 8 to 24 hours for hangover symptoms to disappear. According to research, impurities produced when alcohol is distilled are the cause of you feeling nauseous. This is what happens to our bodies when we stop drinking!

You will be able to lose weight!

Lifestyle Health Adviser, Jake Williams, says: "Many of us are often unaware of the amount of sugar and number of calories there are in some of our favorite alcoholic beverages,"

"A large glass of wine, for example, has the same amount of calories as an ice cream, and a pint of cider has the same as a doughnut."

"And, as many of us tend to consume a few drinks at a time, the calories will soon tally up."

You will get a better sleep.

Your skin starts glowing and becomes better!

"If you stop drinking for a few weeks, your liver should start to repair itself and get rid of any excess fat that’s built up over time."

Removing alcohol from your diet helps reduce the redness and irritation of your skin!

Not consuming alcohol also helps with your positive mental attitude.

Jake Williams, Lifestyle Health Adviser, says: "Alcohol affects your brain chemistry and increases the risk of feeling anxious or depressed."

"If you’ve noticed you’ve been feeling low, then giving up alcohol could help."

Working out becomes much easier without alcohol.

Jake Williams explains: "This is because it (alcohol) dehydrates you and reduces how much blood sugar your liver produces."

"So going tee-total for a month will help you get the most from your workout and allow your body to perform at its best when exercising."

You could live a healthier life by reducing the risk of heart disease, cancer, and type 2 diabetes.

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