Published 2018-10-29
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Things that simultaneously happen in different parts of the world in 24 hours!

To so many people 24 hours is literally nothing! We are so consumed with our day to day lives that a week passes by and we do not even feel the passage of it! Some of us, on the other hand, wish if a day had at least 2 more hours so we could get to handle all the things that we need in a day! What may surprise us all is that something as trivial as 24 hours can become something extraordinary when you change the perspective! To help you do that, here are some things that simultaneously happen in different parts of the world in 24 hours!

Everyday 365000 babies are born on Earth!

8.6 million lightning strikes.

A tree provided enough oxygen supply for two living beings.

142000 new cars are produced.

Almost 18 million people have their birthday!

510 tons of rice is harvested only in China.

190 millions of eggs are produced.

22 billion times the toilet will be flushed.

67000 trees are cut down.

15 times will be the amount of time everyone laughs.

104000 is the number of times your heart beats.

Every person earns about 16$.

Astronauts sneeze 100 times.

Adult beings inhale 23000 times.

Each individual takes 8000 steps.

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