Published 2018-10-29
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Celebrities who have animal phobias!

You may know all the albums, songs or movies that some celebrities played in but you probably don’t know what they are afraid of! And it seems they are not always so confident and fearless as you see them on the big screen, They are just like us, ordinary people who have their weaknesses and… phobias. and those phobias seem to be quite ridiculous! Who fears frogs or butterflies? Well, some celebrities do! Here are celebrities who have animal phobias!

La Toya Jackson - Fear of cats

Kristen Stewart - Fear of horses

Robson Green - Fear of wasps

Nicole Kidman - Fear of butterflies

Orlando Bloom - Fear of pigs

Scarlett Johansson - Fear of cockroaches

Tyra Banks - Fear of dolphins

Katie Holmes - Fear of raccoons

Britney Spears - Fear of reptiles

Walt Disney - Fear of mice

Justin Timberlake and Johnny Depp - Fear of spiders

Brad Pitt - Fear of sharks

Jake Gyllenhaal - Fear of ostriches

David Beckham - Fear of birds

Eminem - Fear of owls

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