Published 2018-10-30
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Only women with these personality traits are able to find their true love!

Throughout the life of a woman, there is usually an average of something between 7 and 10 intimate partners, compared to 9 to 12 that men usually only remember. According to the well-known dating page the perfect average is considered 10. Although we believe that everything lies in a curvy body or a fit one, the truth is that the visual impact only means something so trivial after a while and it quickly dilutes. To make that attraction last more than just one date, we will tell you all about the traits that WILL make your partners fall at your feet.

Men fall for women who are self-aware and know where they are standing in life!

Someone who can see their own mistakes and learn from them is also pretty attractive!

A lady who knows how to bounce back and recover from difficulty is also attractive!

Someone who is courageous is the utmost of attractiveness!

You also need to be confident in your own skin!

Other than IQ, EQ, or your emotional intelligence is also needed!

Being prudent is another great asset.

Attentive listeners are the always and forever winners.

Someone who not only is smoking hot but also knows how to flatter her hotness!

Someone who acknowledges and appreciates.

Someone who is understanding.

Someone who also is pretty resourceful.

Someone who is wise and can an insight into things in life when they need it!

Someone who is who is wide-rounded.

Someone who is not boring and is looking for adventure as well!

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