Published 2018-10-30
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Old images that prevent you from falling asleep

Throughout history, different photographs have been compiled that, looking at them with a little more detail, are shocking. Well, the truth is that supernatural events that for many may be impossible, take place in different places and times of life. On the other hand, there are shots that have been kept for many generations and that show nothing but mere terror. Next, we have compiled a series of images that contain something very frightening that will not let you, many of the spectators, sleep.

A family image that was taken many hundreds of years ago that still prevails. Both before and today it is quite common for families to want to take pictures together, in order to eternalize the most beautiful and important moments. Usually, everyone dresses well and wants to get the best out of a photograph. However, those people could scare anyone and surely we can all see something disturbing in their faces. Maybe they're just masks, but they look creepy anyway.

Apparently, this couple of peasants touches some horses that died because of the low temperatures. Winters in some countries can be quite hard and long so we should protect ourselves from the cold. Nor can we forget about the animals and if it is only possible, try to assure them a warm place and enough food. We are not sure what that image really represents, but the truth is that it does not look friendly at all.

A gathering of witches that does not seem so common in modern times. Although today, there are still women who are dedicated to witchcraft and spells, it seems that the real witches remained in the past forever. Many times they used their evil forces to do some kind of damage. They almost never focused their powers to perform acts of kindness. Their meetings were truly terrible.

Both the little girl and her grandparents look really strange and have something very disturbing in their eyes. Some might say that it is probably the effect of light, but even so, it seems too strong. The family seems as if it is possessed by some evil spirit. It may also be that they are simply angry for some reason, but that version does not seem so credible to us.

Many people, when they organize a party, also decide to hire someone who could entertain the guests and propose some games. It is usually a clown who is responsible for entertaining people. However, the truth is that some clowns can even scare and do not seem at all friendly, much less sympathetic. The girls in the photo seem quite scared and apparently did not like the idea of ​​hiring the jester.

It is not known if it was a photographic error or a spirit that approached the girl. In any case, the photo looks gloomy and causes a lot of fear in each person who realizes what is happening. Even people who do not believe in the existence of ghosts are left reflecting on that strange image. Do you think that the girl realized what was happening at that moment?

This image is of a terrorist group called Ku Klux Klan, while they were in an initiation rite. The organization promotes white supremacism and therefore is characterized by racism, xenophobia and anti-Semitism, anti-Catholicism, homophobia, and anti-communism. Too many times they resort to violence and acts of terror. In the image below we can see how they are burning the cross, the symbol of Catholicism.

Ku Klux Klan has its origins in the year 1865. The same veterans of the Civil War wanted in this way to resist the Reconstruction. In their actions, they resorted to the most violent and brutal solutions, only to achieve their objectives. Ku Klux Klan members know no mercy and are often very cruel to their victims. During the Second World War, they were accused of supporting Nazi Germany.

Besides causing a lot of noise, they are hated more and more for their cruel treatment towards some people. Despite many attempts to end the organization, KKK is always reborn and there are still many people who would like to belong to its structures. According to some sources, in the year 2000, the organization had around 3000 members. The KKK also formed other smaller organizations to work together with the largest and most powerful.

The boy we can see in the photo wanted to participate in a costume party, but we think he chose his costume too hastily. The black mask, the white rat and all the ''accessories'' that we can see around it can indicate that something strange is happening. In any case, the child does not seem to be scared. We want to think that his parents were there and that it was just a silly joke. The image may be inappropriate for some people.

Parents usually have good intentions, however, sometimes it turns out that they do not know how to fulfill their children's wishes in the proper way. His son wanted a clown to appear at his birthday party. The parents hired a man, but, apparently, he forgot that it was a children's party. Many of the guests began to cry when they saw that peculiar animator.

Lately, the nuns do not enjoy the best fame. The films that were made in recent years make it very clear that this part of the church may have a lot to do with Satan herself. The nun we can see in this photo seems quite suspicious. Although she smiles, in her eyes we can see a characteristic brightness that does not leave us at ease. Could it be that the woman is also the victim of the evil forces?

A century ago or so, that's how Halloween costumes looked. We may find them very original and scary, but it is probably because the photograph was taken in black and white. Actually, the costumes are not very different from those we can see today. Many of the ideas we have now, come from the past. We must recognize that the people in the photo look impressive and surely the party was very successful.

In this way, the babies were photographed so that they were calm at the moment of the photo. That image is a contrast between the baby that is dressed in white and makes us think that it represents all the good things of this world. On the other hand, the person holding it has his face covered in a black blanket and does not give us the best impression. The photo can be very gloomy and scare anyone.

Halloween parties are celebrated in the United States since 1921, so they are quite recognized in that country. Everyone awaits the arrival of autumn to finally prepare their best outfits. We must recognize that Americans always have good ideas to celebrate Halloween with a lot of fantasy. On the other hand, we also have to say that their costumes were quite controversial and things have not changed much.

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