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The great enigmas that the Bodyguards of Michael Jackson have confessed to!

Michael Jackson's relationship with his bodyguards was especially close. They accompany him at all times becoming part of their day-to-day. They knew each and every one of the facets of the King of Pop, to the point that they have come to tell things about the singer that the public did not know. Habits, customs that he acquired in his day to day life and the things that he hated most have come to light after their statements. This article details some of the strangest features that represented their boss. Continue reading to know the details.

Michael Jackson had a mansion in Las Vegas where he lived during his tours. The career of the singer began to develop in such an accelerated way that he often did not know how to organize his time. His life was full of concerts and numerous shows so the artist moved at least once a week. However, he always returned to the United States where he had his home and family. He created his little oasis to which he always wanted to return.

Despite having a childhood that seemed the most common, hid great secrets. Michael was born as the eighth child of the Jackson family. His parents belonged to the working class and did not have many economic resources. The family owned a house with only two bedrooms in the city of Chicago. The singer's mother was passionate about music, but to keep her children she worked in some clothing stores. In contrast, Michael's father, Joseph Walter "Joe" was a boxer.

Joe was also a member of a local musical group, he played guitar and in this way, he always earned a little more to contribute to the family. However, Michael acknowledged that in his childhood he suffered both physical and verbal abuse by his father's father. As the youngest son of the couple, Jackson could not stand the blows of his father and they were especially strong. The other brothers always said that the discipline their father had at home helped them avoid several problems.

The King of Pop hated his Las Vegas residence with all his strength. For him, it was the worst place on the face of the earth. When Jackson finally started earning millions of dollars, he could actually possess anything he wanted. The singer invested mostly in real estate and had houses in many parts of the world. The property he bought in Las Vegas was his home since 2007. After his death, Michael's family started selling all of the artist's mansions.

Michael Jackson was married twice and he had three children. They became his greatest treasure. The same singer often said that he worked very hard to give the best to his children so that they had everything that he lacked when he was a child. But, above all, he wanted his family to have a lot of love and for their children to know that they could always count on their father in whatever.

After his death, his bodyguards decided to reveal some of the secrets of the King of Pop. Before they had to protect their privacy, but now they have no obligation. It was announced that Michael Jackson was a junk food lover and often asked for food to go. However, the waiters never recognized his voice. The singer liked to do that kind of simple and normal things for other people.

Another thing, quite scandalous is that Michael came to be with two girlfriends at the same time. He could kiss one in the limousine while the other was in the same car and did not realize what was happening. His bodyguards made sure that the women did not realize what had happened. Risking in this way, somehow it made the artist happy. He trusted his escort and was almost certain that nothing bad was going to happen.

The masks that Jackson used were to "hide" and "go unnoticed" and not to show their surgeries as everyone believed. The singer had to hide his face because he was one of the most recognized people in the world. His features were so characteristic that he could not go unnoticed. For the same reason, he used to wear the masks that covered a large part of his face and allowed him to walk calmly.

His bodyguards never knew the type of substances that the singer consumed despite the fact that they occasionally bought marijuana for him. Rather they just had to hand over the money and take the package to their boss. Although Michael had a lot of trust in them, he never revealed to them what he really consumed. The King of Pop tried to fight with his addiction, but he could never finish his battle. Although he knew that it was something harmful and dangerous, he continued to use drugs until the last day of his life.

Although the King of Pop spent millions on lawyers, there were times when his bodyguards did not receive their salary. It may seem incredible, but even Michael forgot the obvious things. However, the bodyguards were with the artist until his death. They knew that one day, justice finally had to come. They simply did their best work and never let anything bad happen to Jackson.

Because of all the traumas that Jackson had to go through in his childhood, he did not like to see his father very often. He asked his family if someone wanted to meet him, they should make an appointment in advance. Once the father of the singer wanted to talk to his son and even had to destroy the door of the entrance. He was obviously stopped by his bodyguards. He threatened Jackson that he was not going to move from the place until he talked to him.

It may seem incredible, but even someone like Michael Jackson came to have financial problems. There was a time when the King of Pop credit cards were without funds for a while and many payments were rejected. In some situations, even the hotels denied him entry because he did not have the means to pay a room. It was shameful for the artist, but after a few times, he learned to take better care of his finances.

Despite so many complicated situations and problems that the Jackson workers had to face when they work for him, everyone agrees that it was a very interesting experience. Not everyone can protect the life of the King of Pop and accompany him at every step. They developed a very special bond for all those years. The news about the death of the singer was a very painful moment for all the bodyguards.

Michael Jackson's bodyguards practically became his family and often gave him even more support than his real family. The singer was so confident that sometimes he even asked them to take care of their children when he could not do it. Although the escorts were accustomed to another type of work, they gladly stayed with Jackson's children. They would play with them, but they always had in mind that the most important thing was to protect their lives.

After so many years that have passed since the death of the artist, his workers still remember him. They decided to reveal some of their secrets so that people would see that he was a completely normal person, he had his flaws, but also many virtues. He left a very large mark on the hearts of his family, but also on all those who came to work with him. The sure thing is that Michael will always stay in our memory.

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