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Reasons why men prefer blondes

From the golden years of Marilyn Monroe to Scarlett Johansson, it has become clear that men go mad at the curves of a beautiful blonde. Why? Well, the truth is that our genes seem to automatically connect with blond hair and clear tone of this type of women. On the other hand, according to different studies, the majority of men on the globe seem to fall in love with these girls. Below, we present a series of reasons why this selection is someone more than a chance... Blondes have an incredible combination that drives men crazy!

1. Blondes have better hair

The first reason is that men find that blonde hair much more delicate, light and soft to the touch. This is usually due to the fact that light hair betrays much faster problems, both of dirt and entanglement, so it usually requires more care that forces the owners to use more delicate products and end up turning their hair into an element of seduction. Therefore, the natural color is not relevant in itself, because even if it is tinted, the same dedication is also required. Finally, it ends up becoming something psychological.

2. The eternal youth

Blond girls give a childish image, so they do well to hide the age they have. This is usually translated into a kind of eternal youth that usually plays in favor of the owners. Most men like to feel protective of something fragile, so when they see a younger woman they feel as if something inside them makes them become the pillar of the other person's life. Of course, we always like to have someone younger to renew our own spirit and also feel as if we had recovered our early life.

3. The scarce is always more attractive

They are much more special and attractive in those places of the planet where there is a little incidence of them. That is why many people are surprised that in places where they abound are almost ignored and even their dark hair is dyed dark. However, there are more places where they are completely considered exotic, especially in warmer places. In spite of this there is always the possibility of dying, so in the end, the natural ends up being something anecdotic.

4. The skin is combined

Something that also often accompanies people with blond hair is a clear skin that often gives a much more youthful appearance. This is also a guarantor of the health status of the person, it is much easier to detect with a clear skin if there is any type of health problem or similar. However, this can also reflect a more delicate aspect, which brings us back to the feeling of protection that makes men feel more confident. Nothing to do with reality, because blond women are usually a real energetic being that does not need anyone's help to fend for themselves.

5. They tend to be much more flirtatious

Blonde women also have an added factor: they are usually much more flirtatious women and try to take care of their appearance much more than the rest. This is usually perceived by men, who find them more attractive and seductive than others, so they struggle more often to get their hearts. Unfortunately for them, it does not matter what their own techniques of flirting work, it is the blondes who will decide which man will conquer them and not vice versa. They will simply fall into their trap if they leave them.

6. They are more modern and elegant

Men find that these types of women are much more feminine and modern than the rest, so it gives them a plus when it comes to being chosen. No matter the time that passes, the fashions or the cultures, will always be seen as a plus of beauty that is usually imitated by the women. It is also usually associated with success in life, which adds an effect of elegance that gives vitality to all those around, from couples to partners. In the end, its halo effect becomes contagious.

7. A large part of men around the world seems to agree that the eyes of these women make them simply perfect.

Regardless if they are brown, green, blue or of any color, with a blond hair any hue, ladies become much more attractive. It is quite common to find light eyes in a large majority of natural blonde women, although it is also common to see them with brown or even green eyes. Anyway, when they have to wield their eyes, they always do it with a plus of sensuality that makes them completely irresistible. They are authentic hunters that watch the night, felines that prowl their prey and capture them at will.

8. The cameras love them

Blondes are much more photogenic than the rest, so it is easier for them to make men fall in love, especially on the Internet. That is why many models of catwalk or photography use this color as usual hair, being quite popular among the most renowned houses. It is simply a way of denoting that your features are beautiful without worrying about your other aids. Even, through a webcam, they end up turning into goddesses of beauty that captivates the possessor of the most iron will.

9. Not only the facade

Despite having a dazzling beauty, their charisma and spontaneity take them far, making them earn points in the process of seduction. No doubt the capillary element distracts the amorous adversaries, but it is actually the charismatic personality that makes these examples of female perfection completely irresistible, worth the redundancy. Despite the famous phrase, blondes are not at all silly, in fact in many cases they usually take advantage of that stereotype to wield their natural intelligence and disarm any opponent.

10. Their happiness is contagious

According to a study of several men with blonde brides, they almost always enjoy a magnificent state of mind. This usually translates into that the state of mind that blondes usually bring almost series becomes something contagious for all those who share their lives with these whirlwinds of happiness and joy. Very few cases become unhappy with a woman like that, and even fewer are usually because of her, so if we really want to spend an intense, fun and enjoyable life, it is best to put a blonde in our best moments. They will be like a magnet for success and happiness.

11. They have always been considered beautiful women

Although the appearance of the blond hair gene had its first appearance about 11,000 years ago, it has always been considered as something very mysterious. The admiration that produces us seems to have been inherited generation after generation, although its presence was manifested with special force in the northern area of ​​Europe. However, it seems to have spread due to the strong attraction that has been causing, making this feature is considered something to preserve, no matter what, it has less genetic strength than darker hair.

12. Blondes are also better at the most private moments

Many agree that they are better at intimate encounters, so they have a clear advantage over their adversaries. However, this has a much more psychological than the physical burden, since they light passion more easily in their bedmates and make them enjoy it more than with someone with dark hair. But although many women who are not lucky enough to have this gene are striving to deny it, they are increasingly using and abusing dyes to try to chemically emulate the effects of carrying this beautiful color in their long hair.

13. Their protective capacity to their children is scientifically greater than that of the rest of the girls.

They are not only the best lovers and the most feminine of women, but they are also the most protective mothers. This is what has been demonstrated after a study in which it was shown that blonde women had much more protective features to their children than the dark counterpart. In fact, they usually enjoy a greater and better connection with their children, so they finally end up becoming their reference points and examples to follow. Therefore, they tend to be the fundamental pillar of every family they form, an irreplaceable person on whom everyone depends.

14. Although the myth says otherwise, blondes are not stupid

For a long time, there has been the talk that blondes are much less intelligent, so many men believe this hypothesis. But the reality is that they are more intelligent than the average, being very common to find themselves gifted among their ranks. Precisely the same that at the time laid the foundations of this theory, who is also the one that appears at the beginning of our article, Marilyn Monroe, enjoyed an intelligence with a coefficient of 165, surpassing geniuses like Albert Einstein. While it is true that she did not discover the theory of relativity, she might well have understood it.

15. We all know that each woman is special and unique, regardless of her color or way of thinking.

As much as genetics give us predispositions, every person has a potential that depends more on their experiences and their own personality than on the advantages with which they are born. While it is true that some have it easier, it does not mean that it is impossible for a blonde woman to be the most sensual or that another with dark hair makes her a competition that even exceeds her. We are all special in our own way, although, as Marilyn Monroe in her movie said, "Gentlemen prefer blondes."

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