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Michael B Jordan - The Only One Who's Not Scared Of Lori's Father?!

Chances are that for some of you, getting the approval of your parents with regards to someone that you are dating is an important thing. It seems that it is no different for Lori Harvey, the stepdaughter of TV host Steve Harvey. At the start of the year, she had confirmed her relationship with the Black Panther actor, Michael B. Jordan but before that, she was linked to other men. Who were they? And what did her father think of them? Which of her past partners does he think is the best for his daughter? And what are his hopes for their future? Make sure to read until the very end to find out more about Harvey's thoughts on the Black Panther star!

Dating Rumors!

Back in January, the world went into a bit of a meltdown as the Creed star had posted a photograph of him and his new lady love as a confirmation to his fans as well as the world that he was indeed a taken man. Even before they went Instagram official, the actor was spotted in Atlanta with Lori around Thanksgiving time, presumably spending the holiday with her family. But rumors of their relationship had been going around a while before but not many had taken them seriously. Though before we talk more about what Steve thinks about Michael, let’s look at who his daughter was with previously.

Start of Romance With Depay!

Lori’s previous relationship all seemed to be with men who were already in the spotlight and one of the first ones was with Dutch soccer star Memphis Debay, which started back in 2016-2017. The couple first met in 2015 when he had approached her at a beach. He managed to get her to give him his phone number but as it turns out she had ignored him for a whole year! It was only the following year that she had given in to his advances and so they started dating. Though it seems that Steve might have felt a bit unsure about the character of the man who tried to pursue his daughter and admitted on his show that he had Depay followed! Speaking on his reason to do so, he said: She didn’t know. She knows now. But when she found out, she was upset… What you trippin’ for? I’m trying to help you. You think he cute, I don’t. You find him attractive. The boy is just a boy to me.”

Engagement to Memphis!

According to the Netline, there had been some disagreements between the father and daughter due to Memphis. As per the publications he had even allegedly banned Lori from flying to England to watch his soccer matches but she rebelled and went anyway which caused Steve to be angry at her but in the end, he realized that he can’t stop her from dating whoever she wanted. Then in June 2017 when the soccer player proposed to Lori, her stepfather took to social media to congratulate the couple by posting: “Marjorie and I are proud to announce the engagement of our youngest daughter Lori to Memphis Depay, this young man is a good one! Congrats!” So it looked like in the end maybe he had come around and started to accept their relationship.

Break-up Song!

Though whether, in the end, he came to terms with it or not didn’t matter as the couple called off their engagement in 2018. Neither of the couple nor Steve had ever commented on the reason for the split, though it is worth remembering that she was only 20-years-old at the time and Memphis 23 and despite her gushing to BET that everything has happened so perfectly, it seemed that as time went by it wasn’t. After things ended Debay released a single called “No Love” which many had thought was about his and Lori’s love. The song is both in English and Dutch and one of the lyrics in the first verse translates to “Just been planning for a vacation, For wedding news since I forgot.” and later on “The love I feel was real, I'm sorry you didn't see that.” Do you think the song was about Lori?

Complicated New Men!

So while Steve wasn’t sure about her first serious partner, how did he feel about others? Now, here is also where things, especially the rumors that went around, get a little bit tricky. Following her split from the soccer player, in 2018 the rumors about her dating Justin Combs, the son of famous rapper P. Diddy. However, besides it just being gossip fodder, not much was known about their romance besides the fact it lasted for a brief period before sizzling out. Neither of them had spoken about this either denying or confirming it. But then things took a more interesting turn which left many online users stunned and decide to roast Justin. If you want to know what exactly happened be sure to read on!

Dating Her Ex's Dad?!

Some of you might be thinking about what could have happened and after the rumors with regards to Justin and Lori stopped, new ones came to the surface about her and...her ex’s father? Yes! In 2019 the internet was on fire after reports had come out saying that Steve Harvey’s then 22-year-old daughter was seeing P. Diddy! Paparazzi had captured the two of them out in New York City, strolling around Soho around midnight with matching outfits. At the sigh of the paps, Lori was all smiles while Diddy couldn’t have looked more shocked. And it seemed that social media users found these rumors hilarious, having a good laugh about Justin’s father now dating his son’s ex. Though we remind you that their relationship was never confirmed.

So Are They Friends Or More?!

Diddy, whose real name is Sean Combs, shot down those rumors fast. As TMZ reported, a source close to the rapper had said that there is no relationship there and that Lori is just a good family friend and that she was close to them for a long while now. And while it seemed people seemed to believe that, the explanation was questioned when Diddy’s son Christian gave an update on this alleged couple-not-couple. Speaking with Hollywood Life he told the outlet: “They are good. They’re just being...private time. That’s up to them.” Well as you can tell his reply was a little vague and left a lot of confusion. However, neither the rapper nor Lori had ever officially addressed these rumors. Another person who had stayed quiet on this matter was Steve. He had never publically commented on the relationship with either Justin or Sean, despite being hit with criticism for letting his daughter date a man who was much older than she was.

NYE Romance?

In between the Combs men dating rumors, Lori was also linked to singer Trey Songz. The two had previously been linked together but eat seems things might have heated up around New Year’s Eve in 2018. At the time, Your Tango had reported that the two were spotted together at a party and that they were not afraid to indulge in some PDA while spending the holiday together. Their relationship was short-lived, however. Despite them being pictured together enjoying dinner it wasn’t long before their alleged relationship came to an end.

Cheating Allegations?!

There had also been rumors that Trey was cheating on Lori with adult film actress Brittany Jones, ones that she herself claimed were true. Since their relationship was never confirmed it’s unclear whether this was the reason for its ending or not. Reports were also circling around social media that Harvey was not happy with his stepdaughter’s relationship, to begin with and that he would have preferred for her to date someone her age. So far it seems he hasn’t been a big fan of any of her daughter’s ex-boyfriends, so read on to see what he had to say about Michael!

Troubled Relationship?

When 2020 came around, so did a new romance for Lori. This time the man in question was the rapper Future. In January that year, she had taken to her Instagram to post a few stories about her birthday celebrations and in one of the posts, she was seen sharing a kiss with the rapper who had made their relationship official. The news actually surprised some because once again she was with a man who was older than her and also with some of the things surrounding him such as his court battle with his baby mama’s and, as some internet users had pointed out, misogynistic lyrics in his music.

Ignored Mother's Advice?!

As the internet was going crazy with the dating rumors, some had brought up the clip from a 2015 episode of the Steve Harvey Show where the then-18-year-old Lori is having a heart to heart with her mother Marjorie in which she told her: “I know you just started dating this year. So how are we gonna handle that? No athletes, no rappers - we gonna go down the list.” Well, looking at her past boyfriends it can be said she did exactly the opposite of what her mother told her. Though in that very same episode she said that her mom doesn’t need to worry about her and that when it comes to dating she knows what she’s doing.

Steve's Silence!

Either way, the couple ended up calling it off in the summer of 2020 for reasons that are unknown. And obviously one of the main things that people wanted to know during those months was: What does Steve Harvey have to say? However, this time he said nothing. HollywoodFix reporter had asked Harvey, who was out in Beverly Hills, what he thought about his daughter dating Future to which he replied: “I don’t know nothing about it.” When the outlet had asked him if he approves of the rapper his answer was the same. Many had pointed out that he was probably tired of being asked about Lori’s love life following the rumors which surrounded her and P.Diddy.

Steve Broke Them Up?!

And this brings us to her current boyfriend, Michael B. Jordan. As we mentioned at the beginning, since it was likely that he had spent time with the Harvey family during Thanksgiving, it can be assumed that Steve had some time to get to know the actor. This time it seems he’s not staying silent with regards to this relationship either! On March 22nd, the Family Feud host appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and during his visit, he opened up about their relationship. The 64-year-old admitted that he tried to dislike him, that he tried to find something wrong with him so he could, and we quote “dig in and go”. He added that he previously got rid of all of them, adding that some managed to sneak past him in the back door and last longer than he wanted them to. So could this mean that in some way he was responsible for his daughter’s break-ups?

Steve's Seal Of Approval!

Though Jordan can rest easy because he seems to be the only one to get Steve’s seal of approval and their families have even met! Do you think that things could be getting serious between Michael and Lori? Speaking with Ellen he said: This guy is such a good guy, man. He is one of the nicest guys, man. I've met his father. I've set up with him, we've talked for hours. I just can't find nothin' wrong with him.” And as if to seal the deal, he also commented that he hopes the two of them last because he is a good one. When Ellen, who also praised the actor, said that she expects him to be in Steve’s life for ‘a while’, Harvey responded with “Oh god, I hope so."

So what are your thoughts on the men that Lori had dated? Do you think her stepfather really had something to do with her relationships not working out? Did she really date P. Diddy? And do you think that Michael B Jordan could finally be the one?

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