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The Fancies Of Elizabeth II And Her Family ! What Do The Royals NOT Eat Or Do?

It probably comes as no surprise to you that members of the British Royal Family lead a different lifestyle than most average people. While what happens in their private apartments is usually shrouded in mystery, sometimes secrets betrayed by servants emerge from Buckingham Palace. And today we will tell you quite a lot of them. You will learn, among other things, what does Queen Elizabeth do in her room and in what unusual situations can she be found by her staff? What does the head of the royal family eat and what dishes absolutely CANNOT be cooked for the royals? Who in the Windsor family does not lift a finger to do something themselves, and who simply gave up the help of staff? What are the rules of the royal courtiers and which are the craziest? Read on to find out all these interesting things straight from within the walls of Buckingham Palace!

The Unusual Situation The Queen Was Caught In!

Elizabeth II's personal staff can sometimes find her in unusual situations. Like the one where one evening, upon entering the queen's room, a courtier noticed her sitting at a desk in a dressing gown, pink slippers, concentrating on writing a speech. This sight was unusual not only because she was doing it outside her standard working hours, but above all because on her head was the British state crown set with several thousand precious stones. But after a while, it became clear that Elizabeth decided to put it on because the parliament was to open in a few days and she just wanted to get used to wearing the headgear weighing over one kilogram.

The Queen Crawling On The Floor?

On another occasion, a butler witnessed the ruler crawling on all fours across the floor. She held a magnet in her hand and with it, she collected the pins that remained from the last fittings of the outfits sewn for her. All this to keep her corgi dogs from hurting their paws. It is worth noting, however, that only a few people can see such views. The private rooms of the Queen of Great Britain, which are located in the North Wing of Buckingham Palace, may only be visited by family and closest friends and upon receiving an invitation. As the protocol dictates, such an appointment must be made in advance and wait for the appointed date. On the other hand, the service of her bedroom, dressing room, dining room, and office for work is also handled by a specially designated group of people who help Elizabeth II in her daily routine. This is remarkable because the head of the royal family has been following a strict schedule every morning for almost 70 years of her reign. According to court informants, her day begins at 7:30 am when an attendant enters her bedroom with the first cup of Earl Gray tea. Elizabeth II, sipping her drink, is obligatorily listening to the BBC radio, and her maid prepares a bath at the same time. The water in the tub must be adequate temperature and 7 inches high. This is important because, for the monarch, bathing is a favorite moment every morning. Then, while Elizabeth relaxes in the bathroom, her personal wardrobe advisor creates outfits for the day that can be changed up to five times a day. There is also a personal hairdresser waiting for the queen, who has been doing her hair every day for over 20 years.

Odd Breakfast Entertainment!

After all the grooming and styling treatments, it's time for breakfast, and imagine that for many years, in the case of the queen, it consists almost entirely of a cup of tea and her favorite Kellogg's breakfast cereal. However, the first meal of the day, not only for this reason, is quite an unusual ritual. Because during the meal the family is entertained every day at 9 am by a bagpipes player who plays outside the dining room balcony. Moreover, breakfast is served by 12 staff members who move around the room in complete silence along strictly defined routes. As soon as any of their eyes meet that of the Queen, they immediately stop and drop their gaze. Also, during the meal, the queen gives herself to the morning press, and the newspapers are previously ironed through the tissue paper so that they do not get their fingers dirty. By 9.30 am, the Queen is already seated at her desk, doing paperwork. During this time, she replies to letters, but above all, she must also read state documents. It is an obligation that is imposed on her every day, on holidays, Friday and Sunday, in health and illness, also during holidays or trips abroad. There is simply no escaping it. However, when she finishes her office work, she fulfills official duties and goes to the arranged meetings. Around 1 pm they have lunch, and a fairly important ritual is also a daily walk with their beloved corgi. Interestingly, her pets also have their own royal butler, and the cook cooks meals for them every day.

Queen's Favorite TV Show?!

Regarding food, it is Elizabeth II who sits down to supper at 8 p.m. and then, unless there is an official outing, spends the evening with her family or in front of the TV. Her favorite series is Downton Abbey because she likes to find all historical errors in it, there is no information about whether she ever watches Netflix's hit production, the Crown. We cannot ignore the information that the Queen writes her diaries every day before going to bed. It is worth noting that, apart from Prince Philip, she did not let anyone read them, and the notes are as precious to her as the Crown Jewels.

Economical Queen!

What else do you probably don't know about the private life of the British Queen? Well, probably that, contrary to appearances, she is an extremely economical person. Despite the access to numerous luxuries and top-shelf products, she chooses, for example, the same nail polish since 1989. It costs only $ 8, and if you want to get a queen-style manicure, we'll let you know that her favorite is the Essie brand and the color called Ballet Slippers. Elizabeth II is not at all dependent on chauffeurs who have to take her to every place. If necessary, she sits behind the wheel herself and additionally does not need a driving license for this. Driving on the streets without this document is her royal privilege, and considering that the ruler trained as a driver and car mechanic during World War II, she is probably better behind the wheel even without a license than many of her countrymen.

No Garlic Thank You!

As we said before, her breakfast is usually not very varied, it just consists of tea with milk and no sugar, and her favorite cereals. But that doesn't mean the queen is not a fan of good food. Because she has a soft spot for venison, deep-fried steaks, and she loves dark chocolate. She also enjoys her favorite drink every day before dinner. There is also something that absolutely cannot be given to her, and this is garlic. The Queen hates it to the point that it is banned from any events involving her. Anyway, all royals cannot eat crustaceans, because they often cause food poisoning, their menu also lacks potatoes, rice, and pasta. There were legends of the time that before the Prince of Wales, each morning servants had to put seven boiled eggs arranged according to hardness so that everyone could try and choose the one that they liked best. However, it turned out to be completely untrue, but it is quite authentic that his favorite post-hunt snack is a soft-boiled egg with a glass of hard drink. As the staff does not always know when he will return from the hunt, waiting for his return, the cooks cook new eggs every three minutes, so that a fresh and warm portion is still ready. Which, of course, is related to the fact that a lot of them are simply wasted.

Prince Charles Needs Help With What?!

But this is not the only extraordinary story about Prince Charles. While his son, Prince William, and his wife almost forgo their staff, he is known to do well with court workers in almost every day-to-day activity. For example, the attendants must properly arrange his everyday clothes so that things are placed from left to right in the order they are put on. Moreover, after bathing, he must have a towel properly arranged so that he can only sit on it and wrap himself up. The prince also needs help in applying toothpaste to his toothbrush or requires that his laces be ironed. There is probably no other such person at the royal court who would require assistance in these activities. Although history has also gone down in history that the queen's late sister, Princess Margaret, needed a separate worker to stand by her side with an ashtray. This is sometimes the daily routine of the personal service of the royal family. Besides keeping order, cooking, or making beds, they have to cater to the most personal needs of the royals. It is they who serve a bathrobe heated by the fireplace, iron pajamas every day, and take care of discreet errands that cannot be entrusted to wealthy courtiers. As mentioned before, they see royalty in situations that no one else can see them, such as when resting or getting dressed. Currently, it is estimated that Queen Elizabeth's court has nearly 1,200 employees, ranging from maids to butlers, and cooks. There are also such unusual jobs as a person dealing with flags or clocks, in addition to the piper mentioned, there is also a personal harpist who usually plays for Prince Charles. In addition, one of the queen's wardrobes is employed to distribute her new shoes, as well as being the guardian of the royal stamps. However, whatever work the service is doing, each member must follow strict rules of behavior, and among them, there are also the craziest ones.

So Many Rules!

We have a few examples of such rules! First, servants are not allowed to use vacuum cleaners for cleaning before 10 a.m. to avoid waking royalty or disturbing their morning activities. They are not allowed to walk in the corridors in the center of the carpet, but only along the sides, so as not to leave unnecessary marks on them. The valets must follow a dress code that depends on the season and occasion. At the same time, royal nannies wear a uniform on special occasions such as baptisms that make them look like Mary Poppins.

Moreover, staff in the presence of the royal family must always stand, and those serving meals must learn how to arrange individual dishes on trays for members of the royal family. And of course, they are required not to talk to the press about what is happening inside the palace doors. But how could you hear today and so many things have been revealed by them.
Have you heard about any other curiosities from the life of the court? Did you know that Queen Elizabeth has a long morning routine? Do you think working at the British court is steering? What do you think of all the rules that the staff must follow?

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