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Bigi Blanket - Father, Michael Jackson, Did It To Him?

Surely everyone remembers the moment when the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, introduced his son Prince Michael Jackson II, more commonly known as Blanket, to the world. And what an introduction it was. It’s easy to say that no one has forgotten the moment that Michael Jackson for a sure, heart-stopping moment, dangled his infant son out of a window while covering his face with a towel, and thus earning him the nickname Blanket. While his siblings Paris and Michael, who most call Prince, have somewhat made peace with being in the public eye, the youngest Jackson child has stayed away from it and kept to himself. Now at the age of 18 what has he been up to? What luxury purchase has the youngest member of the family allegedly make? Did he decide to change his name? And what are his plans for a future career? Make sure to read until the very end to find out all about what Jackson's youngest son is doing now!

His Siblings.

The youngest son of Michael Jackson has two oldest siblings, Michael Joseph Jackson Jr born in ‘97, and Paris Jackson born in ‘98. The two are children of Jackson and Debbie Rowe. It was reported that following Paris’ birth Rowe had some health complications which caused the singer to find someone else who could have his child for him and it turns out that IVF, as well as a surrogate, were the answer.

Mystery Woman Named?!

For a long time the identity of his mother was kept hidden and on his birth certificate the section for “The Name of Mother” was left blank. But in 2009, an article published by the Mirror had alleged that the woman who gave birth to him was a Latino nurse named Helen, one that Jackson had personally selected. According to the tabloid, she was paid a $20,000 surrogacy fee and during the entire pregnancy, it was said that the singer had lavished her with gifts, generous expenses, and staff that were there to see to her needs.

Imagine That!

The article goes on to say that he was conceived through IVF but added that an unknown woman was chosen as the egg donor. Allegedly she got paid $3,500 for her contribution as well as having to sign legal papers that handed over the rights to the child and apparently her identity is an even bigger secret within the Jackson family. It is also assumed that even the lady herself doesn’t know that her eggs were involved in the birth of Jackson’s youngest son.

A Careful Process!

Speaking to the Mirror, a friend of the King of Pop had revealed the reason why he chose a separate woman to be the egg donor. They said that Michael wanted, and here we quote, ‘a designer baby’. They also added that there was a specific gene pool that he wanted to tap in and enlisted the help of an IVF specialist Dr. Lila Schmidt at the beginning of 2001.

The Famous Photo!

And so, on the 21st of February 2002, Prince Michael Jackson II was born at the Sharp Grossmont Hospital in La Mesa, near San Diego in Southern California. The famous moment that the King of Pop held his son outside of a window happened several months later in November, at a hotel in Berlin, Germany. Obviously, as it can be imagined, many fans and especially the media scrutinized the singer for his actions saying that he was putting his infant child at risk. According to a BBC article, several days after the incident, the star admitted that he had made a terrible mistake by doing what he did. He went on to say “I got caught up in the excitement of the moment. I would never intentionally endanger the lives of my children.”

Took It The Hardest.

Following the passing of his father in 2009, Paris and Prince had both accepted life in the public eye but the youngest had remained a very private person, which led to some calling him the “invisible boy”. According to an article on thethings.com, out of the 3 of Michael’s children, it was Blanket who took it the hardest. While without a doubt this was a difficult thing for all of them to deal with, the loss of a loved one is nothing small, both Prince and Paris were a bit older-aged 12 and 11. And while still very young, they were a bit more understanding. According to the website, their younger brother, who was only 7-years-old at the time, was the most vulnerable and most touched by it. They also added that he felt very lost.

A New Name!

Being a private person can be difficult when your parent is a world-famous celebrity and you yourself have been in the public eye since you were a few months old. Especially if your first appearance has dubbed you with a nickname. And even if maybe he didn’t mind his family and close ones calling him Blanket, other kids weren’t as kind about things. It turns out that while attending school he might have even been bullied, according to several sources and media outlets, and that is what had made him change his name and ask people to call him something else. When he started attending the Buckley School in Sherman-Oaks in 2015, he told his classmates to forget the nickname Blanket, and call him Bigi (read as B.G). And so Michael Jackson’s youngest son is now known by another name.

Regular Hobbies!

And it seems that this is something that he’s very happy about. According to People magazine, in two years since making that decision, the teenager has been growing more and more confident and strong. The article states that while he is still shy around new people and one’s he doesn’t know, he feels very comfortable in his school environment, where he focuses on his grades, sport, and films, something that we’ll touch upon in a moment. He also enjoys spending time with his friends and cousins, of which he has nearly 30. Yeah, if you didn’t know that, the Jackson family is pretty big. But hey, at least that means there they will always be there for each other in one way or another.

Family Is Always Close!

After Michael’s passing the children went to live with their grandmother, Katherine Jackson. And since Bigi’s siblings were older than him they were first to...leave the nest, as they say. Once they had moved, and due to his grandmother’s advanced age, the youngest son of the King of Pop was under the supervision of his older cousin T.J Jackson, with whom he reportedly lived within Calabasas.

Film Buff!

And going back to the mention of film, as well as being close with his family, Bigi, and Taj, T.J’s older brother, in May last year they had started a film review channel. Their YouTube is called Film Family and at the moment of making this video has just under 36,000 subscribers. The first video that they had uploaded to the channel was their review of Avengers: Endgame, where they also talked about the movie as well as their thoughts of the members of the Avengers and it seems that one that Bigi is rather fond of is the Hulk. His older brother had also made an appearance in the video.

Making Fans Happy!

As we said before MJ’s youngest son is a rather quiet and private person but in this video, where he is surrounded by people he knows and clearly feels comfortable around, he is very talkative and at times it’s even difficult for others to get a word in! This is something that the fans of the family were happy to see, that despite all the trauma that he has gone through at such a young age, as well as people constantly questioning the kind of person that his father was, he has remained positive and didn’t let things get him down.

Following In Father's Footsteps?

One of the things that Bigi said in that first review video that has really stuck with people is that he would love to be a film director. Clearly following in his father's footsteps where the entertainment industry is concerned. However, this is something that he had expressed before.


In June last year, a channel appeared on YouTube called Jacksonology: Our Story that featured rare interviews with Jackson’s children. The interviews were made by Sonia Lowe and, as she herself explains, they were created as part of a documentary that they had been working on with the Jackson family. She further went on to explain that the idea was for the children and those who knew him best, in their own words, to say what Michael was really like and who he was to them. On the about page of the channel, it says that all the videos are fully copy written in 2012. And seeing how young Prince, Paris, and Bigi were it is safe to assume that they were filmed around that time too.

Reasons For Career Choice.

But going back to Bigi and his dream of becoming a director. One of the questions was about Michael and his dancing and when Lowe asked the young boy whether watching his father sing and dance like that ever made him want to do that but he replied that no, that he can’t really sing or dance and while he knows that it was something that his dad was good at, he himself would rather be a film director. When asked why he said that while at home he makes little movies with his cousins and that he enjoyed it.

Didn't Know Dad Was Famous?!

In that video, Bigi had also revealed that his father knew about his dreams for the future and told him that it’s a good thing and that he should follow and do whatever he wanted to be. He also revealed that when he was much younger he didn’t really know that his father was famous and, as he said in the interview, he thought he was just “a random person” but that at one point when he saw people screaming and cheering for him he realized that he must have been famous.

The Answer Is Simple!

And if some of you are thinking “What how is that possible?” Michael had always said the importance of allowing his children to have a normal life, one that he wasn’t able to have as a young boy, which is why he sometimes made them wear masks when they were in public so people wouldn’t be able to recognize them. But also let me ask you, how much of you when you were really young, thought that your parents' names were literally “mom and dad”?

New Pad?

Now that he has turned 18, Bigi no longer has to stay under the guardianship of his family, and just like his siblings did once they were old enough, he has decided to leave the nest. According to Variety, he has brought himself a starter home worth $2.6 million. The house is reportedly located in one of Calabasas’ many guard-gated communities. His new pad is supposed to have nearly 6,400 square feet of living space, 6 bedrooms, and 7.5 bathrooms. Additionally, it offers a garage space that can fit up to 3 cars.

Dad Took Care Of Them!

Man, what a starter home that is! But it is no surprise that he can afford that. According to cheatsheets.com Jackson left 40% of his estate to his mother and another 40% to his children. The remaining 20% was given to various charities. According to the site each of the children was given an $8 million yearly allowance and their net worth is estimated to be at $100 million each. Though chances are that this could if it hasn’t already grown, since, according to Variety, in the decade since Michael’s untimely passing, his estate had hauled in a hefty sum of $1.7 billion in revenue.

Did You Know?

So, did you know that Jackson's youngest son had changed his name? Do you think he will continue with his dream of a career in film? And were you surprised at how much the Jackson estate had made in the past decade?

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