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Wallis Simpson - Caused A Bigger Scandal Than Meghan Markle?!

She was American and divorced. She fell madly in love with the heir to the throne, who was able to do almost anything for her. Sounds familiar? We are in a hurry to explain that we are not talking about Meghan Markle at all, but about Wallis Simpson, Edward VIII's mistress, who became the cause of the greatest moral scandal of the 20th century. She changed the history of the British monarchy and is also said to have nearly destroyed the Windsors. So who was Mrs. Simpson, and why did she gain such a bad reputation? How is it possible that overnight she became the most hated woman in Britain and the source of numerous conspiracy theories? How did her romance with the handsome prince develop? How did the royal family feel about all this? Get to know the unbelievable story of the femme fatale to which the Duchess of Sussex is most often compared to now! Make sure to read on to learn all about her!

Royal Scandals!

Scandals in the British royal family are a bottomless pit. Divorces, romances, and betrayals committed by members of the Windsor family were followed with bated breath by newspapers and the public. The marriage battle between Diana Spencer and Prince Charles and his love affair with Camilla Parker-Bowles have gone down in history. The rumors of side-jumps of Elizabeth II's spouse, Prince Philip, caused no less disturbance. Anyway, Great Britain was also shaken by information about the relationship between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, which led to the famous Megxit. Today, however, the whole world lives by an interview for Oprah Winfrey, the first one the couple decided to give after resigning from royal functions. It is difficult not to associate this situation with a story from 90 years ago when in 1931 heir to the throne Edward Windsor met American Wallis Simpson. To this day, the woman is considered to be the chief scandalist of Buckingham Palace, all due to the fact that thanks to her, the ruler of Great Britain resigned from the crown. How did this come about? Let's start from the very beginning.

The King Who Abdicated.l

Edward Windsor, Prince of Wales and uncle of Elizabeth II, was handsome, athletic, and very popular. He rebelled many times against the rigid rules of the British monarchy, as well as the obligations that its members must fulfill. But it was for him that the throne waited for in the future. Before this happened, however, the prince led a very rich social life. In his residence in Berkshire, near London, he organized parties, met friends from high society, did not shy away from stimulants, and met new lovers. At one of the parties, he saw Wallis Simpson, whose husband was regularly invited to the estate. A short conversation was enough to make the prince's heart beat harder to the newly met woman, who, as he later confessed, delighted him with independence, grace, and intelligence. His affection quickly turned into a true obsession, but before we can tell any more about it, we must mention who was the woman who turned the heir to the throne so distracted?

Who Is She?

Wallis belonged to a wealthy society, and she found herself in it through both her marriages and affairs. She first stood at the wedding carpet in 1916, and her chosen one was the American aviator Win Spencer. Their relationship was not perfect from the very beginning. He looked into the glass more and more, and she sought solace in gambling and in the arms of other gentlemen. No wonder then that she got divorced after a few years. The woman threw herself into another flirtation, and at that time even Benito Mussolini's son-in-law was to be seen by her side. A year after she left her first husband, it was time for another wedding, this time with wealthy businessman Ernest Simpson. The man was the owner of a huge fortune, so Wallis could afford a carefree life and spent her time at salons and parties. Thus, in 1931, she was invited to a party at Prince Edward's mansion, which de facto marked the beginning of their passionate romance.

That Woman!

The royal court, as well as the British government and parliament, learned about this story very quickly. The prince's parents, ie King George V and Queen Mary did not hide their dissatisfaction with the fact that the American woman appeared in their son's life. Wallis was derisively referred to as "that woman" and everyone around Edward thought that his infatuation would pass very quickly. However, it was completely different. The romance was booming, and the London Police Department's special department to track the couple reported that here the quote "the lady seems to have the prince completely smitten." Mrs. Simpson became obsessed with the heir to the throne and he was ready to do anything for her and fulfill her every whim. Interestingly, the British press had not yet written about it, because at that time it was considered that journalists should not criticize a member of the royal family. Though the relationship was kept a secret for a while, the scandal broke out when photos of the couple made headlines in almost all foreign newspapers.

They Had A Plan!

Shortly thereafter, Prince Edward publicly confessed that he had fallen in love madly He did not hide the fact that he spends every moment with his beloved, it was possible to see them on vacation together, and the lover accompanied him during royal celebrations. At the same time, she was still married, which, however, did not stop the prince from making another statement, shocking to the public, that he was going to marry. For that to happen, a divorce was obviously necessary, and efforts were made to proceed very discreetly. Edward and Mrs. Simpson's husband at the time made an agreement whereby the latter agreed for a generous fee to dissolve the marriage, ruling that he was responsible for the situation. This was necessary because under British law a divorced woman could remarry only if the divorce was the fault of her husband. Everything went according to the lovers' plan, and thus in 1936, Willis was able to hand her over to the heir to the British throne.

No Support.

However, in the same year, the situation became seriously complicated, for King George V died and the prince, as Edward VIII, ascended the throne. His affairs of heart became at the same time a problem of state importance, as the union of the king and the divorcee, in addition to being a double one, was a blow to the dignity of the British monarchy. Even though the planned wedding was unacceptable, Edward had no intention of giving up his love for the sake of power. He informed the then Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin that he would marry Wallis Simpson anyway, which resulted in a huge scandal and a constitutional crisis. The prime minister protested that the American woman was unacceptable as a British queen and declared that the marriage would not be supported by the government or by the British. The issue not only hit the headlines but was also the subject of an open debate in parliament. And since there was no chance for a compromise, the newly appointed king made the shocking decision that he intended to abdicate.

Was She A Man?!

On December 11, 1936, Edward VIII relinquished power, and in his public speech stated that he would not be able to fulfill his duties as a king without the help and support of the woman he loves. Such a situation happened for the first time in the history of the country. The British could not come to terms with the fact that their beloved ruler had abandoned the crown and the whole state for a woman like Wallis Simpson. The biggest criticism fell on her. At the time, she was blamed for the overthrow of the monarchy, seen as a temptress who distracted the king from his duties. There were speculations about the tricks she used to manipulate the man in love with her. Anyway, since she appeared in the life of Edward VIII, she was the subject of numerous rumors and conspiracy theories. Imagine that it has been speculated that she is not a woman because she tends to be dominant and is overconfident, and this is what predominantly male. In addition, it was claimed that her beauty and body were too masculine. And while these conjectures seem crazy, even years after the death of Mrs. Simpson, researchers sought to clarify these controversial theories. Moreover, some of them concluded that the chosen one of Edward VIII's heart was intersex, i.e. one who had both female and male body features. Although it is worth noting that this has never been officially confirmed.

German Spy?!

The suspicions that she was a spy were also not confirmed. She was accused of sympathy with the Nazis. There were rumors that already being the mistress of the British monarch, she got into an affair with the German official Joachim von Ribbentrop. It was suspected that he might disclose classified information and an investigation was launched. But, as we mentioned, no evidence of this has been found.

Impressive Title!

Wallis Simpson still criticized and attacked by the British media, had to leave Great Britain and found refuge in France. She was also joined by Edward VIII, who had to leave the islands after his abdication and had no right to visit his homeland. They were in conflict with the royal family, but that doesn't mean they were getting along badly. Just a few months later, they got a very intimate wedding in one of the French castles and settled in Paris for good. They were treated royally there, and Wallis Simpson became a fashion icon. Moreover, she was named Person of the Year by Time magazine and became the first woman in history to hold such a title. According to some, it was quite a controversial choice, but at the same time, it proved how much fascination was aroused around the world by the chosen one of the heart of the British monarch. After all, it was she, despite being a divorced American, who dominated the headlines on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean and fell in love with the king so much that he gave up the throne in the name of love.

Compared To Markle!

It is also worth mentioning that had it not been for Wallis Simpson, Elizabeth II would never have sat on the throne. And yes, the abdication of Edward VIII made his younger brother George VI, the father of the currently reigning monarch, become king. Wallis, however, remained forever the black sheep of the royal family and could not use the title Her Royal Highness. She was first received at Buckingham Palace after Edward died and his funeral was being held in London. She was also labeled as the person responsible for the greatest crisis in the British monarchy and the woman who seduced the king for good. Many people now compare Meghan Markle to her, and some, such as Prince Philip, explicitly claim that Prince Harry's wife is as destructive as Wallis Simpson over the years.


Do you agree with this opinion? Do you think the Duchess of Sussex deserves criticism? Anyway, did Wallis Simpson also deserve it? What do you think of the love story that shook the British monarchy? Do you like learning tales from the royals world?

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