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Princess Latifa - New Proof Of Dubai Sheik's Daughter's Tragic Fate?!

Being a princess in the real world doesn’t always mean living a fairy tale life. The Sheikh of Dubai and one of the most powerful and influential politicians in the world is in the news again. His youngest wife and their two children managed to escape from him which caused an international scandal. The woman was very lucky, which his two daughters were not. Both also tried to escape but they were captured and imprisoned. And one of them was never heard of again! The other, on the other hand, is still fighting for her freedom. A while back, shocking new footage of Latifah, sent to the BBC, had come to light. What did it reveal? What fate has befallen the princess? What authorities were interested in her fate, and what did the Dubai royal family have to say about her? Read until the very end to find out what has been happening!

Not The First Time?!

You may have heard the scandals surrounding the cruel fate of the daughters of Dubai’s ruler, Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktum. Over the years they made several attempts to escape, but were captured by people working for their father and returned to the country. One of them literally disappeared! The other caused a huge stir in the world with her desire to free herself from the tyranny of the Sheikh.

Escaped Wife!

The case of princesses Latifah and Shamsa have been in the news in recent years firstly because one of them made her last failed attempt to escape in 2018. And it is about her that we will talk about today. Not long after, in 2019, another scandal broke out, thanks to the youngest wife of the 71-year-old Mohammed, namely Princess Haya Bint al Hussein, who is the daughter of the late King of Jordan and the sister of the current king. She is the only one who managed to escape the oppression of the Sheikh of Dubai with their two children who are minors and found asylum in the UK. Hiding Princess Haya with her daughter and son in Europe, she eventually managed to get a divorce. We won’t tell you more about that today, as it’s a very broad and complicated topic, and we have more to tell you about Latifa and new information regarding her!

Media Attention!

But in short, the escape of Mohammed’s youngest wife, given the constant media attention, kept the memory of the other two women who were not so lucky, alive. In addition, the press was constantly writing about the fact that the wealth and splendor of the Persian Gulf palaces were overshadowed by the allegations of torture, kidnapping, and even the taking of others’ lives. It was said that Princess Haya decided to take such a desperate step because, in addition to wanting to protect her children from their own father, she likely learned frightening information about Shamsa and Latifa.

It Was True?

Thanks to her courage and the divorce case, much of the information that had been circulating for a long time was confirmed. It tuned out that the court agreed with the version of the princess, who, among other things, spoke of intimidation by her husband and revealed that he organized the kidnapping of his daughters. According to the court report, it was concluded that the ruler of Dubai might be guilty of many crimes.

Violation of Human Rights!

During the trial, it was confirmed that in the case of Shamsa and Latifa, there had indeed been kidnappings ordered by him and that one of them had certainly been tortured. The judge that was overseeing the case also stressed that Muhammad had subjected his wife to a veritable “campaign of intimidation” for some 20 years, and in doing so had broken British and international law. They stressed that Dubai’s ruler’s approach to his family members, depriving them of freedom against their will and, among other things, forcing his daughters to marry, violated fundamental human rights.

Her Fate Is Unknown!

However, if you think that after such events, everything has cleared up, we immediately tell you that for now, nothing of the sort has happened. Still, nothing is known about Shamsa, whom nobody has seen for 21 years! A brief reminder; she was the first daughter of an Arab Sheikh of Dubai, Prime Minister and Vice President of the United Arab Emirates, who tried to start a new life away from her father, or at least the first whose attempt the world is aware of. For her, the year 2000 and running away was the end of everything. She was just 18 when she tried to run away, taking the opportunity to stay in the UK on a holiday trip with her extended family. She even managed to escape for a while but eventually, her father’s men found her in London, and it was from the streets of the English capital that she was forcibly flown back to Dubai. To this day, her fate remains unknown.

The world remembered her through Latifa, the Sheikh’s second daughter, who tried to escape twice. She made her first attempt at the age of 16 but was caught at the border. She meticulously planned her next attempt for seven long years! The 34-year-old had the help of trusted people, including a former officer of the French special services. Her latest endeavor was in 2018 and it also was during a different time which was definitely more technology developed.

Confession Video!

And that very fact made what happened to her impossible to forget. She knew that running away again was a huge risk, and if she failed, she could even lose her life. For her own protection, she recorded a 40-minute video that went online. In it, she confessed, among other things, that after her first failed attempt, she was imprisoned, beaten, and tortured for three years. She claimed that her father is capable of ending the life of anyone who violated his reputation and image, and added that if people were watching the video, it meant that she was in danger. The video had moved people around the world, and thanks to her courage, the controversial confession has drawn the attention of world governments and international human rights groups. However, it did little to help her. Ultimately, her second escape attempt also ended badly for her. She was found after eight days, and an account of the brutal capture of the princess by Muhammad’s men was given by the friend who accompanied her.

Alive But Is She Safe?!

For a long time, it was not known what was happening to Latifa and whether she was even alive. None of her friends at the time had any contact with her and the worst possible scenario was assumed. In December 2018, the UN Commissioner for Human Rights, Mary Robinson, traveled to Dubai to take pictures of the princess and tell the press that Latifa was fine. And while it was stated that at the time the princess was alive and well, many were of the opinion that she looked as if she was under the influence of some substances and that she was being held against her will. After seeing the photos, a friend who had previously helped her escape stated that Latifa looked empty, unhappy, and heavily medicated.


Although the internet was flooded with the hashtag #FreeLatifa, it had no effect on her world. At the time, the theory was that apparently, the palace was propagating a story that both she and Shamsa were suffering from mental health issues and were getting the care they needed from qualified doctors. It has been 3 years since Latifa attempted to flee and lost her freedom as a consequence. During this period, nothing has appeared in the media to assure the world that she is safe, except for the one questionable photo mentioned above.

New Video!

Then suddenly another video of the princess appeared and shocked the world! A few weeks back, a video was released of Latifa asking for help and talking about her situation. According to the findings, she was secretly sending messages to her friends from a smuggled phone in 2019. The videos saw the light of day through the people to whom she had been directing her videos for months. She has stopped doing so for some time now, contact with her has ceased, and her friends are afraid that something bad has happened to her. They decided not to wait, and shared Latifa’s footage with the BBC, asking for help and appealing to the UN to intervene in the release of the daughter of the Emir of Dubai.

What Happened!

The videos were made in the bathroom because the other rooms had no doors. Latifa told of being imprisoned in a home detention center guarded by Emirati police officers outside and inside the building. There are also references to, among other things, how she was treated by the officers who caught her while she was on the run. She reported that she was under the influence of strong sedatives and narcotics most of the time. According to her, she only regained consciousness when she was back. She was transported to the United Arab Emirates by a private helicopter.

She Gets Threatend!

In the video, the 34-year-old says she is being held against her will and notes that she fears for her safety and life every day. In the online video, she says outright that she has become a “hostage” and regularly hears threats, including that she will remain locked up for the rest of her life and will never see the sun. She also described that the villa in which she is imprisoned has curtained and barred windows and that she cannot open them or go outside to get fresh air. In the video provided, in addition to looking sad and frightened, she spoke fluent English and her words sounded logical.

Mary Robinson Speaks Out!

Among those who have spoken about the need to help the princess in recent days is Mary Robinson, the former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and former President of Ireland, who described Latifa as a “troubled young woman” after meeting her in 2018. Now the politician says she has been “horribly deceived” by the princess’ family. The woman has joined calls for international action to determine Latifa’s current status and whereabouts.

Statement From The Sheikh?

The United Nations and Britain have begun demanding proof from the sheik that the 34-year-old is safe. The United Arab Emirates, through its embassy in London, has issued a response to calls for proof of the princess’ life. According to the assurance, the Dubia ruler’s daughter is “being cared for at home, supported by her relatives and doctors”. The statement added, and we quote: “We want to thank those who have expressed concern for her well-being, despite a report that certainly does not reflect the real situation. Her condition continues to improve and we hope that she will return to public life in her own time." However, no actual photo or video was included to confirm that the princess is safe and whether she is even alive. The letter also makes no further mention of her health status.

Is It A Cover Up?

Comments began to circulate that Latifa was suffering from bipolar disorder. However, no evidence has been presented in this case, and her confinement in a home prison is described by her family as care and concern. The statement of the Dubai royal family does not convince people who are concerned about the fate of the princess. Kenneth Roth, head of Human Rights Watch, a non-governmental human rights organization, described the Latifah family’s words as a cover-up. Whether this situation will develop further is not answered right at this time.

What Will Happen?

What fate will befall the princess? What do you think, will the footage released by the BBC and the interest in her case from important organizations and high-profile people lead to her release? Will Latifa still have a happy ending? Have you heard about this case or the fate of princess Haya who managed to escape her husband’s oppression?

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