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Arnold Schwarzenegger - His Kids Are Harsh To Illegitimate Son?!

If you like keeping up with celebrity gossip then you always know how much of a scandal it is when news breaks out that a famous person who is married and has a family has an illegitimate child. Now also imagine if that person was also a politician. Well, this is exactly what happened in 2011 to actor and former Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger when the news broke out that he had fathered a son with his former housekeeper! For years his older siblings have never really acknowledged Joseph on social media or were seen with him in public. Until now! Could this mean that they have some sort of a relationship after all? How are both of Arnold’s sons taking after him? And since the news has come out, why has Joseph kept his mother’s name? Read on until the very end to learn all the latest information about this family!

His Family.

Just in case some of you might not be aware we’ll give you a rundown of Schwarzenegger’s kids and what exactly happened that caused such a big stir. In 1986, Arnold married his now ex-wife Maria Shriver and the couple had four children, daughters Katherine and Christina and sons Patrick and Christopher. And things had been going great for the couple until 2011 when the Los Angeles Times blew the lid off a huge secret between Arnold and his housekeeper. And what was that secret? That they had an affair in the nineties and went on to have a child together.

How He Found Out.

Mildred Baena had worked for the family for 2 decades until she retired at the start of 2011. A thing that many had found to be shocking was that Baena was pregnant with their son at the same time that Maria was expecting her fourth child with Arnold! And so on October 2, 1997, not even a week after his half-brother was born, Mildred welcomed Joseph Baena into the world. Now if some of you are wondering why he had never come clean about this during the pregnancy or the years after, well the reason for this is that the Terminator actor allegedly didn’t even know the child was his until he was 8-years-old and he started exhibiting features similar to his fathers. That then prompted the then-Governor to begin to piece things together.

Arnold's Apology.

When the LA Times had made the story public, Schwarzenegger and Shriver separated and she moved out of the family home. From the get-go, the Austrian actor took full responsibility for his actions and issued a statement to The Times apologizing for his actions. Though a source close to Arnold had revealed that as soon as he found out that Joseph was his son, he took financial responsibility for the child and continued to provide support. At times love children can find themselves out in the cold and be seen as outsiders as at times their parents are focused on their own damaged lives or don’t even own up to them.

Great Father and Son Relationship.

It seemed that Arnold wanted to have a relationship with Joseph and once the news had been made public he didn’t shy away from posting about him on social media, such as for the boy's birthday’s making a post on his Instagram. And it seems the feeling is mutual as, during an interview with Hollywood Life, Joseph himself had gushed about his father by saying: “We hang out all the time! He is a great father! That’s really all I have to say about him! We train together, we eat together. We do many things together.” For the boy’s 19th birthday, the Expendables actor had even taken a trip to Germany to celebrate Oktoberfest.

Cold Shoulder From Siblings.

So while his father has a great relationship with Baena, what is it like with his older siblings? Well, here, for the most part, it was just speculations as he hasn’t really acknowledged them before, and in the interview for Hollywood Life when asked about them, Joseph admitted that he can’t talk about his half-siblings, though didn’t reveal a reason for it. And while he does follow Patrick and Katherine on Instagram, his other siblings don’t have public accounts, they don’t seem to follow him back. Though as you could imagine, things weren’t easy for the family especially right after the news broke. Out of anger, the then-17-year-old Patrick changed his Twitter handle name to Patrick Shriver for a moment. He also seemed to get a cold shoulder from Katherine by not being invited to her 2019 wedding to Chris Pratt though the 23-year-old did extend his wishes to the couple by writing “congratulations” underneath her photo. Though as Hollywood Life reported at the time, she never replied and liked it. A source close to the family did reveal that it was a difficult time for the former bodybuilder’s children and that they wanted to work on this relationship privately. They had also added that 2011 was not the first time that they had heard of Joseph because since his mother worked for the family, he was often around their house growing up.

Relationship On The Mend?

However, recent photos show that the relationship between the siblings might be on the mend! Or at least it could be between Joseph and Patrick. The two brothers were spotted hanging out in public together for the first time! A decade since the family had learned that he was their half-brother. The two siblings were spotted together working out at the famous Santa Monica stairs, alongside Baena’s girlfriend Nicky Dodaj. This of course excited fans of the actor since as far as we are all aware, this is the first time that they had ever hung out.

Maybe Just Patrick.

Though as far as Joseph’s other siblings are concerned there might be some more time before they come to terms with it. A family source told Page Six that Christina and Katherine don’t really have a relationship with Joe and that they think it’s only Patrick and Christopher do. Though another source added that Joseph is very eager to have a relationship with all of his siblings.

Similarities Between Brothers.

Though getting one with one is a good start and maybe the reason for them getting along is that they have quite a few things in common? Well besides the obvious part of being half-brothers that is. It is common knowledge that Patrick is an actor, having appeared in productions such as Dear Eleanor, Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse, Midnight Sun, and Moxie, with the first title on his IMDB page being credited as Jock Kid 3 in a 2006 movie called The Benchwarmers. But it also seems that his younger brother also has dipped his toes into the world of acting. Though he only has two credits to his name at the moment, one of which is in post-production. Though the first one is a great nod towards his pops as it’s a short video, of a re-enacted clip from a Terminator 2 bar scene in which, as you might have guessed it, Joseph played the role that his father so famously reprised in 91. The second project listed is The Chariot which is a movie which according to the website is imalso starring John Malkovich.

Joseph More Like Arnold?

Many fans had also pointed out that between the two men, it is Joseph that looks the most like his father which is no wonder that even when he was a young boy the actor himself noticed the resemblance between them. A thing that also helps with this is that just like Arnold, Baena has started to work on a sports career as a bodybuilder! He often shares photo’s from his workout session to his Instagram account. And it seems this is something he likes to join his dad for as well, as the Austrian actor has shared photos of the two of them at the gym several times and has called him his favorite workout buddy. While from the recent photos it’s clear to see that Patrick likes to stay fit and healthy with some exercise, unlike his brother and father he doesn’t post photos from the gym. Though it’s fun to see that while one son has dedicated himself to sport the other seems to have dedicated himself to acting, just like their father.

Dad Helping Out?

A source close to Arnold had actually revealed that he loves the fact that his children share his passions, be it acting, sport, philanthropy, or business. And with the mention of business, it could be seen that it’s another way that Joe has taken after his dad as in 2019 he graduated from Pepperdine University with a bachelor’s degree in business. There has even been talk of Schwarzenegger bringing him into The Arnold Classic which is his own multi-sport contest that includes competition for bodybuilders, combat, and other athletic endeavors however nothing has been confirmed with regards to it or what he even had in mind for his son’s participation.

Money Differences.

One of the major differences between the two brothers is also their net worth. It is unknown whether Patrick’s estimated sum of $6 million had any input from his father or if it’s solely frmo his career as an actor. According to celebrity net worth dot com he has also been investing in homes in the LA area and renovating them, then selling for profit so the sum of money could be attributed for that. And while his money is attributed solely to his name, Joseph’s net worth alone is not really known as most sites state it to be $400 million through his father, which according to The Sun, upon his fathers passing, he will receive a portion of it when it will be split between Schwarzenegger's kids. Though how that will be done is unknown. Though considering that his father had been supporting him financially since he was a kid, like we mentioned before, chances are that he is more than comfortable.

Why No Surname Change?

And while it seems the relationship between Patrick and Joseph seems to be taking a positive turn, and the fact that most people have known for a decade that he is Arnold’s son, it also brings up the question as to why his surname is still Baena? Due to the fact that he was born as a result of his father’s affair with the housekeeper, it would have made sense for his mother to give him her maiden name and the reason for him not changing it to Schwarzenegger could be due to the tension in the family between the siblings since as we mentioned before, it seems that they might not be so fond of each other. But maybe now that he is hanging out with Patrick, things might change?


So what do you think about Joseph? Do you reckon that his relationship with his siblings is going to improve? Should his sisters come to terms with the fact they have a half-brother and try to have a relationship with him? (34) Have you seen Schwarzenegger's older son in any movie production?

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