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Nick Cannon - Miracle or Lack of Knowledge? Welcomed 7th Kid!

Becoming a parent is a great joy for many, especially when they get to hold their little one in their arms for the first time. And it might seem that this is a feeling that Nick Cannon has enjoyed so much that not long ago he welcomed his 4th baby in the space of 6 months! And with 3 completely different women! Though how many children exactly does the Masked Singer host have? Besides Mariah Carey, who are his other baby mamas? What has he said about fatherhood? What are the relationships between the mothers? Why does this presenter choose to not use protection while having intimate relations? And why does he want to have more kids? Make sure to read until the very end to find out all about this presenters unusual family dynamic.

Who Is Nick Cannon?

Nick Cannon is a well-known comedian, rapper, actor, and television presenter. Where his appearance on the big screen is concerned, fans might remember seeing him in such titles as The Killing Room, Bobby, and American Son. Though chances are that thanks to his hosting work viewers will remember him from such shows as The Nick Cannon Show, Nick Cannon Presents Wild 'N Out, Up All Night for which he won an NAACP Image Awards for outstanding supporting actor. And as we mentioned at the beginning, most recently he has been known as the host of the popular celebrity singing show, The Masked Singer.

Why The Headlines?

If some of you might not be familiar with Cannon for his hosting or acting work then most recently you might have seen his names in the headlines as it was announced that he welcomed his fourth child, with a third woman in the space of 6 months! Though how many children does he have in total and which lady did he get with first? Well, let’s get comfortable as we look at the personal life of this star.

Marriage To Mariah Carey!

As we said at the beginning, one of the women in his life and the mother of his first two children was none other than Mariah Carrey. The couple got together in 2008 and just after six weeks of dating they had tied the knot on Carey’s private island in the Bahamas. It seemed that they were the perfect couple as they would attend different events together, showing a lot of PDA and looking very much in love. On their second wedding anniversary in 2010, the couple had even gone through a vow renewal ceremony with Cannon at the time joking that they get married every year saying “it’s our thing.” Though chances are he was most likely joking at the time. Then in April 2011, the pair had all the more reason to celebrate as they welcomed their twins! Son Moroccan Scott and daughter Monroe. The kids, who are currently 10-years-old were Nick’s first children. And while it seemed that things were going great for this little family in January 2015 TMZ reported that the Drumline star had filed for divorce after six years of marriage. In November the following year, the couple had reached an agreement and had joint custody of the twins.

Babies No. 3 & 4!

And a few months after the former married couple had reached this agreement, Nick had welcomed his third child Golden Cannon. The mother of his son was model and writer, Brittany Bell. According to reports from The Sun, the two began dating sometime back in 2015 after he had filed for divorce from Carey. The news of the birth of the son was announced on Bell’s Instagram when in March 2017 she had posted a photo of the child with the caption “Being a mommy is so incredible." Though it wouldn’t just stay at 3 kids for long as in December 2020 Brittany had given birth to the couple’s 2nd child and Cannon’s fourth, daughter Powerful Queen Cannon. The pair ultimately separated though it is unknown when exactly that happened or what the reason for it might be, but this is where things get interesting for the comedian.

The Family Keeps Growing!

Now let us fast forward to June this year, the 14th to be exact, and the day that Nick and Abby de la Rosa welcomed their twins, making this baby number five and number six for Cannon. De la Rosa, who according to Parade magazine is a DJ, shared a video of herself in her hospital bed holding the children with the caption “June 14th, 2021. Welcome to the world Zion Mixolydian Cannon and Zillion Heir Cannon.” Not much is known about the nature of their relationship or even if the two were together for a longer period of time. In their article sportskeeda had called Abby his ‘spouse’ but no other media reports suggest that Nick had been married to any other woman besides Mariah Carrey. Though stay with us until the end to find out what this actor has said about relationships.

One More Addition To The Family!

And now, let’s talk about baby number 7. And who is the lady that has currently occupied the mind of Nick? Her name is Alyssa Scott and she is a model. On Father’s Day, she had taken to her Instagram account of herself and a man on the beach, with his hands on her belly. While the man in question is turned around fans were clear to realize that it was Cannon by his tattoos. Captioning the photo she wrote: “Celebrating you today”. According to Hollywood Life Scott had debuted her baby bump back in May writing “Zen S. Cannon” in the caption. Back then it had led many to speculate whether he was the father and while she since deleted the post, as per the publication, her father’s day post seems to confirm it all. Though right now it is not clear whether the pair are currently dating or not though if her post is anything to go buy it could suggest that they are but at the time of the making of this video, no other information about their relationship is known. But what we do know is that on June 23rd, their baby was born.

Open Relationship?

But where his relationships are concerned, according to Distractify, Cannon is dating Abby de la Rosa, Lanisha Cole, and Brittany Bell at the same time. And as per the publication, earlier this year he had sent them all gifts. Though he himself has not commented on this, but he has commented about his desire to have kids. This is a topic that he has always been vocal about throughout the years and appearing on the ExpediTlously podcast he had said: “I got kids. I got kids by different women and I want more kids.” At the same time, he said that he doesn’t want to be married or tied down to one relationship. So going by his statements and this alleged current situation, it could seem that the actor is in an open relationship, which clearly, his baby mama’s must in some way or another be okay with. When he made an appearance on ABC News he also talked about the fact that he wouldn’t be opposed to adopting a kid as well.

Reason For Having So Many Kids?

But as it turns out, for Nick fatherhood is what he was put on this Earth to do. During his ABC News appearance, he had also talked about this saying: “We’re here to be fruitful and multiply. That’s what our beings are made for, so we can raise our offspring up so they can have offspring, and have generations after generations.” And it seems that this is one role he takes very seriously. From his social media and the photos that he shares of his kids, it is clear that Cannon is a doting father, and he has often called them his definition of happiness. Talking with Splash he had revealed that his kids are the reason that he stays grounded. For him, the number one priority is to be the best father that he could possibly be and everything else falls in line behind that. Though obviously, having 4 children in the space of 6 months with 3 different women did get the internet talking. And the sleuths of the web were quick to drag out an old interview that he did with Howard Stern where he talked about using, or in this case not using, protection during intimate relations. Speaking with the presenter he said, and we quote: “I might die in the morning. So why wear condoms?” What do you think? Could this be the reason for his growing family? Or does he truly just want to have many children?

Great Relationship With His Parents?

It could be said that the reason for Cannon being such a good father as well as wanting to be the best that he could be would be his own relationship with his parents. Now if you are thinking that he doesn’t want to make the same mistakes that they did, you would be wrong. Speaking about his family he revealed that when he was born his parents were teenagers and still in high school but that they got on great and they had a beautiful relationship with him and he wanted his own children to experience something like that as well.

Hard Feelings?

But how does he handle having seven kids with 4 different women? It seems that it’s going pretty well! While break-ups are never easy it seems that this actor knows that it’s important to put personal differences aside and focus on the wellbeing of the children. And he and ex-wife Mariah Carey seem to be nailing the co-parenting job together. Though the comedian doesn’t like that term as to him it’s redundant as you can’t co-parent but you have to parent.

Still Cares For Mariah!

But these two show their kids that they love them unconditionally. The two are still in each other’s lives as when he appeared on the Howard Stern show he talked about their relationship saying: “I love Mariah. I’ll never stop loving her. She gave me two amazing, beautiful gifts. We talk every day.” While there is no information about his relationship with the other women, given that he is currently in an alleged relationship with two of them, if not three, he seems to put his kids first so he most certainly does everything for their benefit.

Twins Love Their Siblings!

The twins he shares with Mariah Carey also seem to have embraced the fact that they are older siblings. After his son Golden was born, Cannon said in an interview that they love him and they play with him any chance that they could get. And surely now having all the more siblings to play with, Monroe and Moroccan are probably very happy about the arrival of their new sibling.


What are your thoughts on Cannon’s family? Would you too like to have such a big family? Do you really think he is dating 3 women at the same time? And what are your thoughts on his statements about not wearing protection?

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