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Jennifer Lopez - Turns Kids World Upside Down To Move With Ben Affleck?!

Love is definitely in the air and keeping up there as proven by Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck! And from the look of things, it’s getting serious! And we’re not just throwing empty words in the air, especially given that she was recently seen touring a school in Los Angles, for her kids Max and Emme. So it could safely be assumed that things are going great between this couple…especially since, in the past, she had moved to Miami to be with Alex. Is the pair so serious about their rekindled romance that JLo is planning on moving to LA with her kids? Could their recent outing suggest that a wedding could actually be on the horizon? What are some of Jen’s properties? And what recent statements has she made? Make sure you read until the very end to find out all about Bennifer 2.0!

Hollywood's New Trend.

Right off the bat, let’s start with the big news that Jennifer Lopez is supposedly making the decision to move across the country from Miami to Los Angeles. All this in order to be close to Ben Affleck whom as reports suggest she wants to keep closer than ever. This has been proved by recent photos of the couple taken at Lopez’s rented waterfront villa where they haven’t even been trying to hide and were all for being seen together. And many had commented on how JLo looks happier and more radiant than she has in a while. But back to the point, the euphoria that followed this 2000s ‘it’ couples reunion has had many follow in their footsteps such as Angelina Jolie reportedly going to see her ex-husband Jonny Lee Miller.

Making A Move.

This relationship, that many media publications had pointed out was long-distance, might not be long-distance for long. Recent statements from sources close to JLo had confirmed that she will be moving to Los Angeles. As we told you at the beginning our Bronx singer was previously living in Miami with her now ex-fiance Alex Rodriguez. And after they officially announced their split, she had allegedly been staying in a $130,000 per month, rental villa.

LA Bound?

And according to E! News, the singer is currently “packing up her rental in Miami” but before making that move, she is supposedly going to be spending some time in the Hamptons. As per the publication, she will be spending her summer between those two locations, with Los Angeles being her home base. Both she and her twins are excited for a fresh start and JLo is excited to move on with Ben. And it seems that neither of them is caring too much to hide their relationship in the slightest.

Hopeful For The Future!

According to the same publication, a source close to them had said: “JLo and Ben are very much a couple and have been telling friends that they're together. When they first reconnected, they had to see if the spark was still there because it had been a while. It was, so now they are both fully in it. They have talked about the past and why things didn't work out. They are both hopeful about their relationship this time around and putting the effort in. They have both matured and are on the same page and it has been easy.”

Real Love Or Just A Rebound?

The source also went on to add that Lopez in particular is elated and that she really trusts Ben. He is more traditional and low-key in his values and Jen is into that. She likes the fact that the two of them can go out on dates and have fun. What do you think of all these revelations? Could it be that Jennifer was the one who was always in some way in love with Affleck? Or is she just doing this to get over her split from Alex?

His Family.

But things are just getting better. You know, something always happens, which is maybe why Ben’s relationship with Ana de Armasprior to getting back with JLo, didn’t last. We all know that his priority is his kids and Jennifer Garner was quick to make a statement regarding Bennifer’s new romance. The former couple has 3 children, Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel and according to reports, they remain the center of the Batman star’s life.

Jennifer Garner Speaks Out!

According to media reports, a source close to the 13 Going On 30 actress continues to focus on her kids and that is her priority and she expects the same to be for Ben when they are with him. What he does with the rest of his time is not her problem. The source added that she has done everything she can to keep a good relationship with the father of her children but that she won’t get involved with the people he’s dating or his private life. Do you think that she will still think the same way should the kids start living with their father, JLo, and her kids?

The Iconic Ring!

Many of you will remember when Jennifer and Ben met on the set of the movie Gigli and while it was a flop at the box office it had given us Bennifer, the Hollywood couple that everyone was obsessed with, Then, in November 2002 they had announced their engagement to the surprise and delight of their fans. Of course, everyone immediately became obsessed with the ring that in the end would end up becoming a cultural phenomenon in its own right and which inspired future brides. It was a 6.1-carat radiant-cut pink diamond created by Harry Winston and according to reports at the time it had cost around $2.5 million. Now, given that they are back together, many are wondering what happened to the ring? And is it possible that she could wear it again? What to know what Rob Shuter who was JLo’s right-hand man had to say about its fate?

The Move Is For Work?

But if you think that this singer is moving across the country just for the sake of a relationship then you might be wrong. In fact, in addition to being closer to Ben, JLo will also be busy at work as she has recently signed a deal with Netflix in which her production company Nuyorican Productions will be working with the streaming platform on a slew of original programming.

Impressive Properties!

Although when money is not a problem and you are single nothing can stop you and this is something that JLo had perfectly shown in the past with her multiple business ventures as well as her properties. But we are not just talking about any small house, but rather the incredible mansion owned by the singer. It was actually the first one she brought and is located in Beverly Hills and is valued at around $4.3 million. She also has a beachfront property in Miami. Plus not forgetting her Long Island estate which she had purchased with her ex-husband Marc Anthony, during their marriage. Around that time she had also brought another mansion in Hidden Hills for $8.2 million which was a perfect space to throw parties with friends.

The List Grows!

Following their divorce, she went on to get herself a penthouse in New York City, and then in 2016, she purchased herself the most luxurious property that she has with a value of $28 million and it is located in Bel Air. And if this wasn’t enough there is another luxury apartment in New York, and of course, we cannot forget to also bring up the house she brought with Alex Rodriguez for $6 million which they then sold in 2018 for $8 million.

Not Shying From PDA!

So now with a move, she is most likely looking for another spectacular property that she can call home. Maybe even in the same area code as Ben Affleck? According to statements made by sources close to the pair, she is loving just how dedicated Ben is to his kids. And not to mention, as per Us Weekly, she also loves how he interacts with her kids. They are just getting to know the Batman actor but according to reports, everything is going smoothly. Recently the couple was pictured at dinner, where they did not shy away from sharing some steamy kisses with each other and there they were joined by Jen’s family, her kids included so could it be that things are now getting more and more serious between them? And recently Alex was looking heartbroken, was it a result of their happiness?

Jen On The Spot!

The funny thing is that the extraordinary rings that Ben gave to the singer back in the day for their engagement might have never returned to him. Rob Shuter has put JLo on the spot. He didn’t hold back from spilling absolutely all her secrets when it came to her split with Ben back in the days. And what did he say? She never gave the ring back to him! So if things continue to go as smoothly for the couple, maybe one day Jen will surprise us by wearing it again. Just like Affleck still wears the watch that she gave him when they were together back in the early 2000s. So fans better keep an eye on Lopez’s hands!

A-Rod's Cryptic Messages?

But what about the other half of the failed relationship? Alex Rodriguez shared a photo on his personal Instagram account, which he captioned: “Din din with my girls! #DaddyDateNight”. The photo clearly shows ARod with his daughters put fans had also pointed out three empty plate settings and most had speculated on what that post really means, saying that it was evident that they were the places for Jennifer, Emme, and Max. With it, many had also asked the question of how long before he will get tired of giving out hints and coded messages and waiting for a response from his beloved JLo and when he will give up on it and accept that he has already lost her?


So, what do you think about Bennifer 2.0? Would you want JLo to wear her spectacular rose gold ring again? Do you think Alex Rodriguez won’t give up his hope that she will come back to him? And do you think that Jennifer has signed this Netflix deal so that she could move to LA to be with Ben without making it look like she’s chasing him?

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